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5月 店舗スケジュール May schedule


Hiroki   `Day Off`            

  Every Friday  and  2nd, 7th of Sunday, Business trip 18th May ~ 6th June.



  Maternity leave 


Manami  `Day Off`            

 Every Tuesday   


Masaru  `Day Off`        

  Every Tuesday    first~12th


Kazuya  `Day Off`            

Every Thursday  


Mana    ` Working`        



Yuki      `Day Off`              

Every Saturday   


Yu          `Working`

Tuesday , Saturday , Sunday


Taka        `Working`

 Wednesday, Thursday , Saturday, Sunday


When TAKA has got session work,

TAKA’s schedules are subject to change without notice on the website, so please feel free to contact us.



Keiko      `Day Off`     

Wednesday, 5th, Holiday 17th May~ 2nd June.



Yurie       `Working`