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CONTACT US  お問い合わせ

Baroque Hair & Nails
4 Pollen Street, London W1S 1ND

VIEW MAP Tube: Oxford Circus
0207 491 2209 (Japanese)
0207 629 3940 (English)

E-MAIL: info@baroque-hairandnails.com
WEBSITE: http://www.baroque-hairandnails.com

サロンのあるPollen Street は、Hanover Street側の入り口が狭く、少し分りづらくなっております。Hanover Street の Headmaster(ヘアーサロン) と House of Hanover(アウトレットショップ) の間を目印にお入り下さい。
Pollen Street has a narrow entrance on Hanover Street side.
Please take the turning between Headmaster (hair salon) and House of
Hanover (outlet shop) on Hanover Street for acccess to the salon.
タクシーでご来店のお客様へ For clients travelling by taxi
ドライバーの間違いで Poland Street で降ろされるケースが多くあるようです。
Taxi drivers often mistake POLLEN Street with POLAND Street.
Please make sure to check your driver for correct destination.