The next generation of straightening perm with 70% treatment



Currently, the straightening perm that is widely used employs the use of chemicals that softens the hair structure, and then heat is applied in order to stretch out and restructure the hair. This method results in the hair losing its volume and vitality. Moreover, when your hair grows out there is an unnatural difference between the roots and the rest of the hair that has been treated, and it leads to the hardening of the hair which is a major concern for many.

Shine straight treatment perm

Here at Baroque, we collaborate with the manufacturer in pursuit of surpassing this standard of straightening. We aim to achieve a soft, supple finish, maintaining the structure of each strand and retain its strength. We have managed to create the perfect formula that creates a very natural finish.

This has much to owe to the fact that 70% of the formula consists of hair treatment properties, meaning that it is suitable even for those with high-tone hair colouring or those who regularly get a perm.

Its propertie
  • Utilizing the existing volume of the roots, a soft, bouncy, natural result is achieved
  • When you scrape your hair up, a natural, airy texture is achieved
  • When your roots start growing out, there will be a natural transition between the treated area and your roots
Recommended to those who…
  • Want a natural result that takes advantage of your natural hair
  • Is concerned about the damage caused by straightening (those who are prone to dryness and breakage)
  • Want to blend their natural hair and straighten certain sections
  • Want to achieve high shine
  • Have hard or coarse hair that the normal straightening perm doesn’t hold

Why don’t you give our straightening perm a try as if it were a treatment!

現在、一般的に行われている縮毛矯正とは薬剤で髪の構造を柔らかくし熱処理によりウェーブをのばします。高温処理により一時的なツヤ・手触りの向上、ボリュームダウンはできますがその一方で自分の髪が伸びてきた時の不自然な差や過度なボリュームダウン、熱処理特有の固い仕上がりが問題とされていました。 Baroqueではメーカーとの共同開発により驚くほど柔らか・しなやかで髪一本一本をつぶさずに本来のハリを保つトリートメントストレートが出来るようになりました。 70%がトリートメント成分で出来ているのでハイダメージ毛やパーマ・カラーを繰り返した髪にも対応できます。

  • 根元のボリュームを生かしたふわっとナチュラルなストレート
  • 手ぐしでかきあげたときのさらっとした質感
  • 猫っ毛でボリュームを保ちつつくせをのばしたい方
  • ダメージが気になる方、既にハイダメージ毛の方
  • 部分的にくせがあり自然に他の部分となじませたい方
  • 固く強い髪質でくせがありなかなかストレートが長持ちしない方