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New baroque straight perm

The hair quality improvement is different at Baroque

Until now, straight perms (permanent straightening) have had problems such as low volume, flat hair, the hair being too straight and unnatural as well as the tips of the hair being damaged.

In order to solve these issues, baroque has worked with a manufacturer to develop both a chemical and technique that can deal with hard water in the UK.

By doing so we’ve created a soft, natural and moist straight perm (also known as permanent straightening).

New baroque straight perm

Our Guarantees

  1. We use a design based on an approach that makes the best use of the original strengths of hair, never straightening everything the same.

    There might be many reasons people want to straighten their hair, but are nervous to try it.
 Different hair types can have different challenges but we understand each and every hair type. At your consultation, we will ask you about how you usually take care of your hair, what you struggle with, what you’d like to change, and what products you’ve used in the past, and then start the treatment.

  2. A large number of in-house chemicals developed to handle a wide variety of hair conditions.

    We check the condition of the hair when it’s dry and when it’s wet, carefully determining the type and nature of the hair.

    Then we mix treatments and chemicals that are suitable for the hair and any damage present. The mixture is ammonia free and has well-tuned PH control. 

    By combining these agents with eight original treatment agents, we can treat a wide variety of hair types.

  3. To minimise damage, we’ll apply chemicals that are properly controlled according to the condition of the hair.

    We’ll be able to understand how to care for your hair from your counselling appointment and use the right agent in the right place according to the strength and damage of your hair.

    We’re able to change and adapt the mixture each time as we are developing the straightening chemicals in-house.

  4. You’ll leave with beautifully treated hair that has a natural softness from the root through to the ends.

    The dry iron temperature setting is always carefully set to create a style that adapts to all the conditions of your hair, targeting any and all troublesome areas.

    In addition, we aim for straight hair that has less damage and is easier to handle by using plenty of conditioning treatments between straightening treatments.

  5. Customised to your hair type.

    With a natural finish such as only the fringe, only the neckline or any other area, you can apply it wherever you want with the appropriate softness.

    The Baroque Straightening is a simple process for the hair and is available at an affordable price.
 It’s most recommended for those who have no experience with permanent straightening.

  6. Since the chemical control is carefully done, it’s possible to perm and then colour afterwards.

    For hair that has been finished without too much stress, we have more options such as colours and perms that have until now weren’t possible.

    Regarding the straightening treatment, we make a long-term plan according to each customer, and decide on which chemicals and style is best for each hair type.

  7. We have a 2-week warranty period for the treatments at this salon.

    For more support even after your appointment, there is a technical warranty period of 2 weeks after the treatment.

    So if there’s any problem during that period, we will respond free of charge and we’ll continue to work until you’re satisfied.

New baroque straight perm



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