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13 Jul 2022 Category - article

【2022 Edition】Digital Perm Style Special by Length

Digital perm styles are still very popular in 2022.

Many people with short hair, bob, medium, and long hair come to Baroque hair and nails for digital perms.

If you are thinking about getting a perm, or even if you have never had a perm before, please take a look at the photos of our customers who have had a digital perm done at our salon.

Digital Perm×Short hair

If people with straight hair or thin hair wear short hair, it will inevitably look poor.

However, perms give volume from the top and make short hair look more stylish.

If you have short hair but want more volume and movement, try a perm style.

Digital Perm×Bob hair

Bob styles often wear straight styles, but permed styles are also highly recommended for their atmosphere.

When bobbing, it is inevitably flat at the top and difficult to create movement at the ends of the hair.

If you want volume in your hair to match your makeup and fashion, by all means, try a perm style.

Digital Perm×Midium hair

Many people with medium hair are probably wondering whether to grow it out or cut it.

In such cases, try a digital perm.

Giving a perm to medium hair that has little movement will give it more volume and make it look more stylish when your hair is tied up.

Digital Perm×Long hair

Digital perms work best with long hair.

It is highly recommended for those who have long hair but want more movement and volume.

Instead of strong curls, larger curls should be applied to the entire hair to create a glamorous look.

Larger curls and styling are easy to do and recommended for beginners.

Styling products with digital perms

After the digital perm, it is important to style the hair well.

There are two main types of styling products: cream and oil.

The cream type is applied once to wet hair and lightly applied from the middle to the ends and dried.

After the entire hair is dry, it is recommended to apply a little to the ends and other parts of the hair to make it shiny.

The oil type may be applied in the same way when the hair is wet, or it may be applied to the middle to ends of the hair after the entire hair is dried.

Both protect hair from drying and damage, so be sure to apply a styling product after a digital perm.

Hair salon with a good digital perm in London

At Baroque Hair and Nails, many customers come in for digital perms.

We use perm products and treatments that minimize damage to the hair.

That’s why the result after the perm is very shiny and easy to style.

If you have had perm failures in the past or have not been able to achieve your ideal curly hair, please come to Baroque Hair and Nails.

17 Jun 2022 Category - Uncategorized

Before and after fringe hair straightening.

There are many people who would like to straighten their fringes.

But have you ever wanted to straighten your fringes and still achieved your ideal result?

Some of the most common mistakes are

  • The ends of the fringes are damaged.
  • The roots are not straightened
  • Looks unnatural
  • Fringes do not flow sideways

Many people have never been satisfied with the above.

If you want to straighten your fringe but are looking for a good hairdresser, you should definitely take a look.

Before and after fringe straightening

This customer has strong frizz and waviness in her fringe and has been straightening her fringe every two to three months.

The finished result is a natural fringe that blends in with the bob finish, isn’t it?

This is a male customer with a strong fringe habit.
The waviness is very strong from the root area, so it has been straightened well.

The finish and the longevity of the hair will vary greatly because we can do this kind of fine work to straighten the hair beautifully.

This customer was a very difficult case because of the original root growth habit.

However, with our salon’s skills and experience, the finished result was this beautifully straightened fringes.

There are probably only a few salons in London that can do such a beautiful job with the root hairline.

Causes of failure in fringe straightening

Factors that cause failure in hair straightening in the forelock include

  • lack of experience with hair straightening
  • Not using chemicals that are mild to the hair
  • Lack of knowledge about frizz and swell

These are some of the most common reasons for failure.

To avoid these mistakes, choose a hair salon with good hair straightening skills.

Hairdressing salons in London that are good at straightening fringe hair

Baroque hair and nails are one of the most popular hair salons in London for straightening hair.

The treatment is very popular because it uses original chemicals and minimizes damage to the hair.

If you suffer from frizzy, wavy, or damaged hair, please visit Baroque hair and nails.

15 Jun 2022 Category - Uncategorized

Top stylist Manaのご予約受付開始のお知らせ/Reservations now open for Top stylist Mana

〜Reservations now open for Top stylist Mana〜

Thank you for using Baroque hair and nails.

Top stylist Mana, who has been in Roma, will return to the salon from end of June.

If you would like to make a reservation, please contact us via online booking or phone.

We look forward to your visit with all the staff including Mana.


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