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9 Mar 2023 Category - article

Experience acid perms in London at Baroque hair and nails

Of all the people who have ever had perms.

  1. There is a lot of damage to my hair
  2. All the colour I dyed has come off
  3. My hair has become squeaky and dry

Have you ever experienced this?

There are many different types of perms available at beauty salons, and you may be wondering what to do because you don’t know which service to choose in order to achieve the ideal perm style you want to achieve.

At Baroque hair and London, we now offer the latest acid perm service to give you soft and shiny curls.

If you’re wondering what kind of perm you should get, please refer to us!

What is the difference between an acid perm and a normal perm?

If you are thinking about having a perm, one of the first things you need to know is the big difference between an acid perm and a normal perm.

Knowing this will help you get closer to the ideal style you want to achieve, and will also make it easier to understand the hairdresser’s explanations when you go to the salon!

What is an acid perm?

Acid perm is a service that uses acidic agents to create curls in the hair.

Unlike conventional perming agents, acidic agents are close to the PH of the hair, so the strain on the hair can be minimized.

It has recently become more commonly used in acid straightening and acid hair straightening.

What is a normal perm?

Unlike perms that use heat, there are three main types of normal perms in general.

  1. Cold perms
  2. Spiral perm
  3. Afro perm

Generally, a normal perm uses a tubular object called a rod and a chemical solution to give a perm.

In the past, this would have been the same as a tight wave, but a normal perm is one where the size of the rod and the strength of the chemicals are changed to suit the curl you want to create.

Compared to perms that use heat, curls are more easily produced when the hair is wet, and curls are more easily extended when the hair is dry.

Characteristics of acid perms and normal perms

Each perm has its own strengths, so make sure you know which one is right for you.

Characteristics of acid perms

①Suitable for damaged hair.

Acid perms do not cut cystine bonds in the hair and do not cause significant damage. So even damaged hair will be easy to perm.

②Easy to style.

The finish is soft and shiny, so it’s easy to style yourself and doesn’t look dry.

③Natural texture

Acid perms are suitable for those who like a more natural-looking curl, as opposed to a firm perm.

Characteristics of normal perms.

①Can be permed firmly from the roots.

The best feature of regular perms is that they can be permed from just below the roots, so they are recommended for people who want to create volume at the roots.

②Can create tight perms.

For normal perms, the variety of rod sizes, from fine to large, allows for a large range of curls, from small to large, to create the desired curl.

③Perms can be applied to short hair.

Regular perms are popular with men because even people with short hair, like men, can get perms.

How to style acid perms and regular perms.

If you know how to style a perm, you will know how much time you need to set aside in the morning.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of getting a perm at a beauty salon but can’t reproduce it at home, there’s no point in having a perm, so let’s take a look at this for reference!

How to style acid perms.

Acid perms do not have a firm ridge, but rather natural, loose and fluffy curls, so they can be arranged to suit the style you have in mind.

If you dry the whole hair boldly and apply mousse or oil, you can create frizzy curls, and if you twist the hair firmly to create curls with a sense of ridge, you can also create larger curls that look like they were curled with small hands.

How to style a normal perm.

Normal perms have a strong curl when wet, but when dry, the curl tends to straighten.

Use ‘mousse’ if you want to get a tighter curl, or cream if you want it to blend in a little straighter.

If you want curls to be firm, the best way is to dry them naturally.

Alternatively, you can use a styler to dry your curls faster without losing their shape.

If you want to blend in a little straighter, dry all over with a dryer while lifting the hair with the palm of your hand in a scrunching motion.

Finish with a side mousse or oil to help curls come back to life again.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of acid perms.

For those who are still unsure which way to go after listening to the previous explanations, this section will explain the advantages and disadvantages of acid perms so that they can fully understand the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of acid perms

  1. Hair is less likely to be damaged
  2. Minimises damage
  3. Produces glossy curls
  4. Natural finish

These four are the main advantages.

Disadvantages of acid perms

  1. Difficult to create tight curls
  2. Slightly shorter in duration.

Recommended hairstyles by length for acid perms.

Asian Perm&digital perm

Now let’s take a look at what acid perms can actually achieve for different lengths.

Let’s check what kind of curls suit your length.

Acid perm x long hair

For long hair, either an acid perm or a normal perm will do!

You can adjust the size of the curls and the position of the curls according to the condition of your hair and the image you want to create!

Acid perm x medium

Medium hair is a length where it’s easy to wonder whether to grow it out or cut it off.

A perm style is the way to go in these situations!

Two months after the perm is removed, the hair ends are straightened, giving the illusion that the hair has suddenly grown longer, which is a service that goes hand in hand with growing it out!

You won’t have to worry about bouncing, so perms and loose curls go well with medium hair!

Acid perm×Bob

One advantage of a bob is that it tends to be heavy and doesn’t have much movement.

In such cases, perming the hair around the ends will add movement and create a cute atmosphere!

Styling is also very easy, just apply oil or cream and dry while scrunching.

Acid perm×short hair


たご ゆりか(@y31.97)がシェアした投稿

With short hair, only the ends of the hair are usually permed because it is short.

If you want a perm that starts at the roots, use a normal perm, but if you want a slightly bigger movement, like a nuanced perm, an acid perm may suit you better!

Talk to your hairdresser and choose the perm that suits you best!

How to avoid mistakes with acid perms and regular perms.

Even if you have had a perm before, there are many people like this.

  1. The perm was not what I wanted.
  2. My hair was very damaged after having a perm
  3. I was told I couldn’t have a perm

I think there are a lot of people like this.

There are a few things you should know before choosing a hairdresser.

Choose a hair salon with good perm techniques.

This is very important, as perms are a technique that uses chemicals, so without experience and knowledge of the chemicals, it is not possible to give a good perm.

In this day and age, many people curl their hair with an iron, so many people have damaged hair, and if the perm is done by an inexperienced hairdresser or a hairdresser with little knowledge, there is a very high probability that the perm will fail.

Also, many people upload photos on Instagram that look like they have been curled with an iron, and there are quite a few places that describe the iron-curled style as an ‘acid perm’, so be careful.

Perms are difficult to achieve if the hair is damaged.

This is very often the case where the problem is not on the hairdresser’s side but on the customer’s side.

In fact, it is not recommended for people whose hair is already in a state of disrepair due to repeated straightening and perms.

Perms are also not recommended for people who have had bleached colour in the past, as this weakens the strength of the hair.

How long do acid perms and regular perms last?

What you need to know about perms is how long they last.

The perms hold up better if they have

  1. The strength of the curl
  2. How damaged is your hair
  3. Length of hair

The length of your hair.

In general

It is important to realize that both acid perms and regular perms last about 1-2 months.

The duration of perms depends on the damage, thickness & fineness of the hair, the size of the rod used to apply the perm, and the choice of chemicals.

So you should consult with your hairdresser before deciding whether you want it to last longer or whether you want a natural texture that is easy to style.

How much do acid perms and regular perms cost?

The following prices are available at Baroque hair and nails.

incl Cut, Treatment, Shampoo and Blow dry

3D Digital wave/Cosmetic perm Senior Stylist Short £230.00+
Med £240.00+
Long £250.0+
Top Stylist Short £250.00+
Medi £260.00+
Long £270.00+
Hiroki Short £280.00+
Med 290.00+
Long £300.00+

New Customer

Fringe Perming
– not inc.Cutting
from £70.00- £90.00
Spiral wave Perming Price +extra £40.00-£80.00
Spiral wave(Hard) Perming Price +extra £80.00-£120.00

At Baroque hair and nails, we have done perms for many customers, and we are conscious of providing soft textures and shiny curls that do not cause damage.

How long does it take to do an acid perm and a normal perm?

The acid perm is a gentle and firm agent that penetrates into the hair’s internal structure, slowly and gently curling the hair into a curl style.

A haircut + acid perm can take from 2 hours, or depending on the condition of your hair, 3 hours!

At Baroque hair and nails, we work with each customer individually and carefully.

Can hair straightening and acid perms be done together (straight curl)?

Many people with naturally permed or frizzy hair want to straighten their hair but want to make the ends curly like a perm.

Only digital perms can be done together with hair straightening, which is difficult with acid perms as it is difficult to get curls.

When straightening and digital perming are done at the same time, stronger chemicals are used on the frizzy part of the hair and gentler chemicals are used on the hair ends to soften the hair.

After that, a straightening iron is used to straighten the frizzy part of the hair at the roots, and then a digital perm rod is used to perm the hair from the ends to the middle of the hair to give it a permanent look.

Finally, a solution to fix the hair, called a two-component solution, is applied to the entire hair to complete the process.

There are many people at Baroque hair and nails who want to have their hair straightened and digitally permed at the same time, so please come in and see us.

For first-timers, an acid perm with just one curl at the ends is recommended.

There are many people who would like to try perming their hair but are a little afraid of it getting curly.

We recommend ‘one curl’ for such people.

One-curls at the ends are recommended for people who often tie their hair up or put it up.

If you have just a little playful movement at the ends of your hair, it will look cute when you tie it up, and when you curl it with an iron, the curls will last all day, so it’s highly recommended!

If this is your first perm and you think it’s intimidating, try one curl to start with!

Acid perm makes it easy to set your hair every morning.

People who have perms often say.

‘It’s so much easier to style my hair in the morning when I get a perm.’

I often hear people say this.

With straight hair, if the middle part of your hair is wavy due to sleeping habit or the ends are bouncy, you have to blow-dry your hair.

But if you get a perm, you can make the most of your sleeping habits, and you can revive your curls just by moistening your hair with water, such as a mist, and applying cream or oil, so it’s very easy to style your hair in the morning, making it very popular!

Are acid perms popular these days?

Recently, many people are concerned about damage to their hair, so perms using acidic agents are becoming more common than perms using common alkaline agents.

Of course, depending on the design of the curls you want, the chemicals used and the treatment method will vary, so you need to consult your hairdresser carefully!

Which is more suitable for men: acid perm or normal perm?

For people with short hair, like men, an acid perm or a regular perm will do!

If your hair is stiff and difficult to manage, alkaline products may make your hair softer, so it is better to determine this depending on your individual hair condition.

Some men like loose curls, and some like firm, ridge curls, so it depends on the design you want to achieve!

What if the acid perm damages it?

Perms are the second most painful beauty service after bleaching and straightening.

So the more perms you repeatedly have, the weaker your hair tends to become, leading to damage.

This is where home care is important.

If the shampoo and treatment you use every day are of good quality, you can keep your hair in good condition, so try to be more particular about the shampoo and treatment you use at home than you are now.

Acid perm FAQs.

I’ve put together a brief list of questions we often get asked by customers, for your reference!

Can acid perms be applied to fringes?

A. I can do acid perms on my fringes with no problem at all!

Can bleached hair be acid permed?

A. Bleached hair is not suitable for perms as it has lost its strength, but depending on the condition, acid perms can be used. Consult with your hairdresser.

Can acidic perms be done on frizzy hair?

A. And for those with frizzy hair who want to balance their curls with an acid perm!

Can I straighten my hair after an acid perm?

A. If you want to straighten your hair after an acid perm, you can straighten it.

Does acid perm damage hair?

A. The treatment uses chemicals, so the load on the hair is not zero, but curls can be created with minimal damage.

Which London hairdressers are good at acid perms?

Baroque hair and nails attract many foreign customers.

Visit Baroque hair and nails if you want to try a damage-free, soft perm style.

We have a team of hairstylists with extensive overseas experience.

So they speak fluent English and understand foreign hair textures.

If you are traveling or living in London, please visit Baroque hair and nails.

We will provide you with a great space, time, and the best hairstyles.

23 Jan 2023 Category - article

Learn about the best one-pointed colours for this winter.

One-point colour” is recommended when you want to change the look and feel of your hair a little.

One-point colour is a hair design that allows you to express your individuality by dying parts of your hair instead of the whole hair.

This time we would like to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of one-point colour, which you should know before having it done.

What is the one-point colour?

One-point colour is a popular colour service where the colour is placed in a single point to make the look more fashionable.

One-point colour requires only a small area to be coloured, and since the entire hair is not dyed, it is easy for people who do not want to damage their hair to try it.

It is very popular among students, especially high school and university students.

On a black or brown base, the one-point colour that can be glimpsed from the inside can be used on and off, so you can change the look and feel to match your fashion and make-up.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of one-point colour?


  • Easy to try fashionable colours.
  • Less stress on the hair
  • Can significantly change the atmosphere.

The advantages are as follows.

Even if you don’t dye the whole hair, it is easy to challenge this merit with just one point.


  • Aftercare is a bit of a hassle.

This is probably the biggest disadvantage.

Because the hair is dyed in parts, it is easy to overreact to chemicals such as perms and straighteners in that area if bleach is used, so care will be needed.

Types of points (areas) to be dyed with one-point colour.

The main areas where one-point colour can be applied are

  • Tip of the hair (ends colour)
  • Around the ear (earring colour)
  • Nape area (inner colour)
  • Fringe colour

These are very common.

Depending on the position of the hair colour, it can be easy or difficult to see, so it is advisable to discuss this with your hairdresser.

Can I do one-point colour myself?

Many people use box colour to do one-point colour.

This is because the one-point colour is easier as you only need to dye a part of the hair (part), rather than the whole of the hair.

What you need to know is that one-point colour can be done by self-dyeing, but the techniques for blurring the roots and the level of skill and experience required to achieve the colour you want are very different.

If you do it yourself, use clips to part your hair firmly, apply plenty of dye to get the ideal colour, and be careful about leaving time for bright colours using bleach.

How much does one-point colour cost?

The price of one-point colour

  • Varies greatly depending on whether bleaching is used or not
  • Depends on the position, size and amount of colour.
  • depends on the length of time it takes to complete the treatment.

The price varies greatly depending on these conditions.

If bleach is not used, the time required for a single application of colourant is short, but if bleach is used for a high tone, the price will change because of the time needed to brighten the hair with bleach and the time needed to add colour afterwards.

In addition, the treatment time varies greatly depending on the position and amount of colour to be applied to a single point.

It is therefore very important to consult with the salon and your stylist before having a one-point colour.

Before and after photos of one-pointed colours.

One-point colour can be used to create a variety of different images depending on the position, colour and size of the one-point colour.

The colours shown here are just some of them, so if you have a design you have in mind or a one-point colour you would like to try, please get in touch!

We have the latest colourants for cold and warm tones, as well as for brighter hair colours using bleach!

Baroque hair and nails with excellent hair colouring in London.

Baroque hair and nails attract many foreign customers.

Popular blonde colours such as bleach highlights, balayage, and ombre are very popular.

We have a team of hairstylists with extensive overseas experience.

So they speak fluent English and understand foreign hair textures.

If you are travelling or living in London, please visit Baroque hair and nails.

We will provide you with a great space, time, and the best hairstyles.

14 Nov 2022 Category - article

Bleach colour specialist in London

Many people would like to try bleaching their hair colour in the future but are worried about it.

Many people are going to try brighter colours in the coming seasons and people who want to change their look.

We have written this article for those who would like to use it as a reference.

Please read it before you go to the hairdresser.

Does bleach-based colour suit me?

Hair color with bleach is generally very bright.

People who have never had bright colours before may be very anxious.

By going for a lighter hair color, you can

  • look good on the face
  • Look fashionable
  • Make-up etc. will look better

and so on.

There is a wide range of colours and designs that can be achieved using bleach, so be sure to discuss this with your hairdresser.

How to do bleach colouring?

The number of times bleaching is required depends on the condition of the hair and the desired colour.

Vivid colours can be achieved by brightening the base with one bleach.

Ash, silver, and white colours may require two or more bleaches in some cases.

Bleaching procedures using foil work

If the base lightness you are looking for is lighter, you can often use a bleaching treatment with foil.

The foil can be used to lighten the base hair firmly.

It is often used for balayage and highlights.

Five popular bleach colours

Here are some of the most popular bleach colours for customers visiting our salon.

It depends on the season and trend, but if you are thinking of using bleach to colour your hair, please take a look.

Bleach colour & beige with chunky highlights

Chunky highlights in thicker layers create a three-dimensional effect.

Bleached highlights with strong movement make it look even more gorgeous.

Bleached colour and silver ash

Silver ash blonde colours are the most popular among foreigners.

The color is applied in a way that minimizes the strain on the hair as much as possible but still gives a strong and beautiful colour.

Bleached colour and bob with white blonde

Balayage colour for bobs.
Among them, the white blonde made with a well-lit base is a very difficult hair colour to achieve.

It is recommended for people who have a bob but want to make it cooler and more fashionable.

Bleached colour and ice blonde

Transparent ice blonde is a cool-looking hair colour.

It is a color that stands out for its elegance because it is not muddy.

Bleached colour and cream blonde

Cream blonde is a colour that gives a soft, natural look.

It goes well with clothes and accentuates the gentle impression.

The best Bleach color specialist in London

Baroque hair and nails attract many foreign customers.

Popular blonde colors such as bleach highlights, balayage, and ombre are very popular.

We have a team of hairstylists with extensive overseas experience.

So they speak fluent English and understand foreign hair textures.

If you are traveling or living in London, please visit Baroque hair and nails.

We will provide you with a great space, time, and the best hairstyles.




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