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What is a digital perm?

A digital perm is a perm that uses a heat treatment alongside the chemical process in order to set the style. The curls in the hair are formed by using a heat degener- ation process which changes the shape of hair proteins when heated above 60 degrees.

It’s a perm that is noted for its strong waves. By twisting and drying it, the hair looks like it’s been gently towel dried which makes every day styling easier.
 It’s the longest lasting perm and is also known as a “shape memory” perm. Even with a large curl a strong and bouncy style is possible.

What is a digital perm?

The Baroque Digital Perm Process

  1. Pre-Treatment

    There are four treatments that are important before perming.
A special type of Keratin is used to replenish the oils and nutrients of the hair and then evens out the chemical process.

  2. Application

    The ph balanced chemicals are carefully applied to the damaged and healthy hair.
 As a result, by applying different chemicals to adjust the potency, the end result will be incredibly soft and shiny. Even where previously applied perm remains.

  3. Midway Wash

    After a certain amount of time the chemical residue is rinsed from the hair.

    At this point the hair is very delicate so the hair is handled and washed carefully.

  4. Rod On

    From top to bottom the curling rods are applied to the hair. The angle and rotation speed are carefully calculated and then the rods are switched on.

  5. Heat Treatmen

    As the heat temperature is controlled according to the condition of the hair, waves are formed with minimal damage to the hair.

  6. Second Application

    Once the heat treatment is completed, a second treatment is applied to fix the wave.

  7. Rod Off

    After removing the rods, the hair is rinsed and a final treatment is applied.

    By using this treatment process, the end result is a surprisingly soft and luxurious feel.

What is a digital perm?

How to dry and style a digital perm

  1. For heat protection – apply a non-rinse conditioning treatment to the permed hair.

  2. First, dry the scalp and roots to about 70%. If you want to add extra volume, at this point gently lift the hair at the root and dry.

  3. When the roots are dry, loosely twist the hair to get the desired finish.

  4. After drying, gently loosen the curl by twisting it up and down, and then rub in soft-textured hair wax from below to create a bouncy curl.

How long a digital perm lasts

Results can vary from person to person but usually a digital perm will last longer than a cold perm – about three to four months.
If there’s significant damage to the hair, the waves may droop quickly so further conditioning treatments and home care is important.

Home Care

If the hair is too dry it can be difficult to bring out the waves – so we recommend a hair mask at home twice a week in additional to your usual conditioner. We also recommend using hair oils and other conditioning creams.

How long a digital perm lasts

Digital perms are recommended for people who:

  • Cold perms don’t seem to last long enough
  • Want to have a natural curled look
  • Want to have a long lasting wave

For people who want fine, wavy hair and/or have short hair we still recommend a cold perm.

As the hair is treated at 60°C or higher, the volumising effect of the digital perm at the root is small.

However, with Baroque you can combine the digital and cold perm effects to create a hairstyle that maximises the results of both methods.
Please consult with your stylist.



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