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What is Baroque treatment?

The Baroque treatment is an original treatment, which was jointly developed with the manufacturer so that it can produce beautiful results even with hard water in the United Kingdom. 
 It’s a combined treatment that replenishes and binds to the hair.

By gradually infiltrating the inside of the hair with high-quality nutrients, the hair is firmly strengthened and revived into soft, firm, and perfectly conditioned glossy hair.

What is Baroque treatment?

Baroque treatment process

  1. Before the treatment, we cleanse the hair from any impurities and oils caused by using hard water.

  2. We then apply nano-sized CMC to start the treatment. This CMC also acts as an adhesive that connects the cells that make up the hair.

  3. We apply four types of new special keratin, which improves elasticity. High-quality nutrients and ceramide are also applied, which are moisturising ingredients with small molecules to condition the inside of hair.

  4. We gradually apply nutrients with a large molecular weight over and over again to trap them – helping the hair to condition.

  5. Heat treatment.

  6. Finally, we repair the hair cuticles with 18MEA, which acts as a protective film on the surface of the hair.

    By layering various types of high-quality treatments, you can experience luxurious, deep-treated healthy hair that you can’t experience anywhere else.

What is Baroque treatment?

Why do I need a treatment?

Hair has no healing power of its own, so hair that has been damaged even once will not heal naturally.
Damage can be caused by chemicals such as colour and perm treatments.

In addition to this, damage can be caused by ultraviolet rays, friction damage during shampoo and rinsing, and heat damage if you frequently uses hair straighteners or curlers. Hair is gradually damaged, even if there is no specific act of damaging it.
Treatments are available that can protect the cuticle from further damage, supplement lost nutrients, repair cuticle damage, and prevent frictional damage and dryness.

The closer your hair is to a healthy condition, the better the colour, perm retention and texture.

Frequency of treatment

Baroque recommends that you have a salon treatment every four to six weeks.

When used in combination with hair care at home, the effects of salon treatments will last longer, leading to healthier and more beautiful hair

Frequency of treatment



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