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Best Japanese hair straightening in London

If you are thinking about going to have Japanese hair straightening please read this article at first.

Many people have questions about straightening process and if you are not sure about it you will regret so that it better to know before you get it done.

Here are some tips about Japanese straightening .

How much does a Japanese straightening cost?


Japanese straightening Cost depends on hair type, length and stylist rank,

Our salon charge start from £280 and up. 

Price is included hair cut and shampoo as well.

If you like to know exact price you had better to walk in and have a consultation would be best way.

Is Japanese hair straightening damaging?

Many customer ask about damaging.

Sure Japanese hair straightening is chemial process so that hair get damage actually.

But after straightening done your hair cuticles become straight and surface of hair look silky from the ironing process so that hair looks super healthy more than before.

It’s worth to do even if you worry about damaging.

Besides curly , damage and kinky hair looks dry and doesn’t looks healthy right?

After straightening your hair become smooth and shiny so looks much better than before.

Our Japanese straightening is special and we add moisture treatment into the straightening solution so it help hair less damage with good results.

How often can I do Japanese straightening?


This is depend on how your natural hair is wavy and your hair condition.

Basically most of customer get it done every 6 month is safe way for keeping your hair healthy.

But some of customer have strong wave with new hair so in that case we do every 3 month.

Basically once you get it done it permanent so we need to touch up straightening for roots area.

This is making hair less damage and if you always get straightening whole hair would be damage a lot and hair will fall out little by little.

Anytime 2 daysafter Japanese hair straightening perm,you can get temporarycurl with curling iron and hot curl.

But after straightening process hair become sensitive from the damage so please use heat protection before you use curling iron or hot curl.

You can keep your hair nice straight with healthy if you take care of your hair.

Can you reverse Japanese hair straightening?

Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse this chemicalstraightening treatment.Once you get Japanese hair straightening it permanent and you cant reverse it untill you cut straighten part off.But you can still make it curl with digital perm if you like to change the hair style.Japanese hair straightening and digital perm is almost same process and use heating system so that it could be change the hair shape.

What is better keratin or Japanese straightening?


Results of Japanese straightening is something like stick-straight locks, a KeratinTreatment primarily prevents frizz while only reducing the wave or curl but makes it super easy and quick to get the hair to become stick-straight with minimum effort.Result and lasting is completely difference and it’s depend on your hair type so maybe you had better to talk with your stylist about which is bertter for your hair type.

How long Japanese straightening last?

Japanese straightening is permanent ,and people do every 6 month for new hair.

Straighten part keep straight and shiny looking permanently but if you use hot curl and curling iron often it getting dry and wavy little by little because of hair damage.

Best hair salon for Japanese hair straightening in London

If you like to have Japanese hair straightening Please visit Baroque hair and nails.

We are located Mayfair,London and our straightening service is special.Before the service we give you good consultation and check your hair condition carefully.

Our chemial solution is mild and contain a lot of moisture treatment in it so help hair less damage.

We are specialist for Japanese hair straightening and hope to see you soon!




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