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An in-depth guide to hair design for long hair

There are many different hair designs for long hair.

You can tie your hair up, straighten it or perm it.

If you are tired of your current long hair, why not try a new hairstyle?

We would like to introduce a variety of hairstyles for those who want to try a new long hairstyle.

Long hair x Hair straightening

The best way to make your long hair look its best is to straighten it.
The surface of the hair will be tidied up and the shine and texture will be improved.

This is highly recommended for those who suffer from frizzy or dry hair.

If you have never had your hair straightener before, you will be very impressed.

Long hair x digital perm

A digital perm is a beauty service that creates large curls in the hair.
Digital perms are done in a similar process to hair straightening and last longer than regular perms.

A digital perm will add movement to your hair and give you a voluminous hairstyle.

It is also easy to style, just dry it and you will have curly hair that looks like it has been curled with an iron.

Long hair x layered cut

If you’re getting a little tired of your long hair, try adding layers around the face to create movement at the ends.

If you have long hair without layers, it will look heavy and not light.

If you have long hair with layers, it is easy to curl with iron and easy to style when tied up.

Long hair with layers can be styled in a variety of ways by adjusting the height of the layers.

Low layers create movement at the ends of the hair, and full layers give a lighter look to the hairstyle.

Long hair x highlights

By adding highlights to long hair, the streaky colour gives movement to the hair.

Depending on the brightness and thickness of the highlights, a variety of designs can be created.

Long hair with highlights looks more beautiful when curled with an iron, so it goes very well with curly hair.

Long hair x blonde hair

One of the best ways to change the image of long hair is to make it blonde.

Blonde hair can change the look of your hair and make your face look brighter.

The blonde hair makes your hair look lighter, so it goes well with both straight and curly hair.

Long hair×Brown hair colour

The combination of long hair and brown colour is common among Asians.

Asians usually dye their hair brown to make it look lighter, as their natural hair is black.

The brown colour is easy to match with the colour of your clothes and can be combined with highlights and perms.

Unlike bleached hair, this colour is less damaging to the hair and is easy for all types of hair to try.

How to care for your long hair

Daily hair care is very important in order to keep your long hair looking good.

Hair is damaged every day by various stimuli.

  • Damage from air conditioning
  • Damage from UV rays
  • Damage from friction
  • Damage caused by shampoo

To keep your long hair looking good, use a heat protection oil before going out to protect your hair from irritation.

Before shampooing, brush your hair carefully and use a mild shampoo such as an amino acid shampoo.

It is best to use a treatment with a repairing effect and to apply it when the cuticle is open.

Afterwards, rinse your hair with a little cold water to close the cuticles and make the treatment more effective.

Hair salon specializing in long hair

At Baroque hair and nails we offer a wide range of hairstyles that our customers will love.

From straightening and digital perms to colouring and treatments, if you are tired of your current long hair, come and see us.

14 Jun 2021 Category - article

Damage-less hair straightening in Mayfair, London.

Many people who live in London want to get a hair straightening.

But have you ever had a hair straightening that failed you?

  • Your hair got damaged.
  • It was too straight.
  • It doesn’t last long

Hair straightening is one of the most difficult techniques in beauty services.

All beauty salons offer this service, but there are very few that have a professional level of technical expertise.

What is hair straightening?

There are two types of straight perms: straightening and straight perms.

Straightening involves using an alkaline agent to soften the hair and then using a straightening iron to straighten it.

A straight perm uses an alkaline agent to soften the hair, and then it is simply straightened with a comb.

In both cases, hydrogen peroxide water is applied at the end to stay the hair straight.

What is the difference between a straight perm and a hair straightener?

The difference between the two is the ironing process.

Like straightening, the heat of the iron can be used to straighten any type of hair, but it can also be damaging.

If there is no ironing work like in straight perms, it is often used to remove perms, but there is also damage.

Which lasts longer, straightening hair or straight perms?

Straightened hair lasts longer.

Once the hair is straightened, it will stay straight permanently.

However, because it uses the heat of iron, it can easily damage your hair.

If you have curly, wavy, or frizzy hair, hair straightening will help you keep your hair beautifully straight for a long time.

Is there a hair straightening that is less damaging to the hair?

Hair straightening was generally a service that used alkali, but nowadays there are hair straighteners that use acidic agents that are less damaging to the hair.

The cause of hair damage from straightening is the heat of the iron and the softening effect of the alkaline agent on the hair.

Since hair is weakly acidic, using an acidic agent rather than an alkaline agent will cause much less damage to the hair.

The result is soft, natural, and straight hair.

In addition, the way the iron is heat-treated is also important.

To minimize the damage to the hair, you must straighten the hair gently without pulling it.

And while taking small sections, you have to be careful not to turn the heat of the iron too high.

How do I find a hairdresser who can be straightening my hair well?

Japanese hair salon/日系美容室(ヘアサロン)

The best way to find a hairdresser who can straighten your hair is to check SNS and Reviews on google.

A good hairdresser will have a lot of customers who come to him for hair straightening.

So there will be a lot of photos and reviews on social media and reviews of hair straighteners.

If there are only a few reviews and photos about hair straightening, you shouldn’t go there.

Before and after photos of hair straightening

This photo is of a customer who comes to Baroque hair and nails.

Many of our clients suffer from strong habits, frizz, and swell.

Our hair straightening treatment is very nourishing and minimizes the damage to the hair, so the result is beautiful.

Depending on the type of hair, we adjust the strength of the treatment and the nourishment, so all types of hair will be happy.

What is the best hair salon in Mayfair, London for hair straightening?

Baroque hair and nails are one of the best hairdressing salons in Mayfair for hair straightening.

This is because we have a lot of clients who come to us to have their hair straightened.

And because we have a lot of experience and skills, our customers trust us.

If you are looking for a hairdresser who can straighten your hair well, come to Baroque hair and nails.

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Experienced Japanese hairdresser in London

There are many Japanese hairdressers working in London.
Japanese hairdressers are very popular and work with a lot of foreign clients.

Why are Japanese hairdressers so popular?

One of the reasons why Japanese hairdressers are so popular is because of their attentive service and skills.

Japanese hairdressers study in Japan for two years at a beauty school.
After graduating, they work as assistants in beauty salons for two to five years and practice a lot.

Therefore, when they debut as a stylist, they are already a high-level hairdresser.

Even after they become a stylist, they practice after work and take part in various workshops to improve their skills.

Characteristics of Japanese hairdressers


Japanese hairdressers are very kind and humble.

They will greet you and always try to keep a smile on their face.

They will offer you drinks and magazines to make you feel at home.

The Japanese are very dexterous and good at detailed work such as haircuts, colours, and perms.

They also have a lot of knowledge about hair and know many ways to make sure your hair doesn’t get damaged.

Japanese hairdressers are needed in every country in the world and are very popular with foreign customers.

How good is the English of a Japanese hairdresser working in London?

The English level of Japanese hairdressers working in London varies.

Some stylists who have worked in London for a long time speak fluent English, while others who have just arrived in the UK speak only a few words.

If you want a hairdresser who speaks English well, make sure you call or email them to check.

A hairdresser who speaks only a few words can still be very skilled.

Not many Japanese hairdressers speak English fluently, but many of them are able to communicate with body language and gestures.

What techniques are Japanese hairdressers good at?

Japanese hairdressers have a high level of skill in haircutting.
In addition to that, they also have good skills and knowledge of perm services, which are very popular in Japan.

Also, blonde highlight colour such as balayage is a very popular hair service in Japan.

The most popular services for Japanese hairdressers are shampoo and head spa.
Other hairdressers do not offer shampoo and head massage like we do.

Relaxation is also an important part of our hair service.

The most popular Japanese hairdresser in London

If you are looking for a Japanese hairdresser in London, please come to Baroque Hair and Nails.

Baroque hair and nails is located in Mayfair, which is easily accessible and convenient for shopping.

Our hairdressers are all very experienced and will treat each customer with the utmost care.

The salon is elegant and cosy, spacious and open.

Bookings and enquiries can be made by phone, email, or online.


4 Pollen St London W1S 1ND

English Line 020 7629 3940
Japanese Line 020 7491 2209

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Are you looking for a good hair salon in Mayfair who can straighten your hair?

Are you looking for a hairdresser in Mayfair who can straighten your hair?

Baroque hair and nails is a hair salon that specializes in hair straightening.

Today we would like to show you some before and after pictures of our customers.

Hair straightening before and after 

At Baroque hair and nails, we have many clients who come to us every day to have their hair straightened.
Most of them suffer from frizzy, dry, or split hair.

Hair straightening with short hair 

This client’s fringes are very frizzy and dry and take a long time to style.

By straightening her hair in our salon, she will have very shiny and natural straight fringes as you can see in the picture.

It is common for short hair to lose volume after straighten, but at our salon, we use special technic so that it is soft and voluminous.

Hair straightening with bob hair 

Look at the beautiful, shiny bob hair.
We have created natural, soft, and straight hair that you will want to touch.

Our strength is that we can create straight hair that is not too straight but has a roundness.

This way of straightening is appreciated by many of our clients.

Hair straightening with long hair

This client’s hair was very damaged and looked sore.

So we applied treatment ingredients to improve the condition of the hair and then applied the chemicals.

The end result is beautiful long hair with a very shiny finish.
It is very smooth and elastic.

The client was very happy with the result.

This client did not have much waviness or damage, but the straightening process will save styling time and improve the look of the hair.

We use weak chemicals and apply a lot of treatment ingredients before the treatment, so the hair does not suffer.

How much is hair straightening?

The price depends on the rank of the stylist and the length of the hair.

If you would like to know more about the prices, we recommend a consultation.

Shine Straight from £280.00
Small section Straightening
– not incl Cutting
from £100.00

※incl Cut, Shampoo and Blowdry

Hair straightening review

We have received many positive reviews from our customers.

We are very happy to receive such praise.

In order to provide a better service, we are working hard every day to study the latest products and knowledge, and to improve our techniques.

Excellent in-depth free consultation. Very knowledgeable about Japanese hair straightening


I had a Japanese Straightening treatment and it was super!
Thank you Hiroki !


Excellent Japanese hairdressers maintaining high standards for the 10+ years I’ve been a customer. This is a high standard Japanese hair salon that offers the usual cuts, colouring, and some nail work. Can’t comment on the colouring or nail work as I’ve never needed this. I have had a cut and wash with a variety of different stylists over the years. I’ve never been disappointed, the staff are friendly and offer excellent service to be expected of a Japanese salon. Something worth noting is that this is one of the few Japanese salons that are open on Sundays. Highly recommended.


Excellent service and quality of professional staff. Even their scissors are imported from Japan and having lived in London most of my life, going to Tony & Guy and every soho stylist you can imagine, this team makes the competition look like amateurs. I also hear that their nails are done by an award winner. If you’re English (like me) don’t be shy, go in because they are all very nice.


They totally understand what I ask for, surprisingly this very simple ask is extremely difficult to get from other places, that’s why I kept going despite the relatively higher rate.

Best hair salon for straightening service in Mayfair London


If you are looking for a hairdresser who can straighten your hair, come to Baroque hair and nails.

We will treat you with the best technique and customer service.

There are many hair salons in Mayfair, but Baroque hair and nails is one of the best.

Bookings can be made by phone or online. We look forward to welcoming you.

By clicking “Book Now” button, you agree to our policy.

By clicking “Book Now” button, you agree to our policy.

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How to straighten fringe? This is all you have to know about fringe straightening.

I think that there are many people who suffer from the fringe who have strong habits and swells.

An especially rainy day is horrible right?

Then why don’t you try fringe straightening?

If you have habits and swells around face line fringe straightening helps you to style easily and keep the nice straight fringe the whole day.

Please read if you are thinking about going to have fringe straightening soon.

What is fringe straightening?

Fringe straightening is a hair service that straightens the habits and swells around the fringe and face line.

Finge straightening doesn’t take too much time more than whole hair so it would be good for you.

What type of customer is good for fringe straightening?

Please check the tips below

Strong habit at the fringe and face

There are many people suffer from the habit and swells around fringe area 

In that case, you have to make it straight by straightener everyday right?

Fringe straightening is more helpful for you

I want to cut off the time to use the iron from the morning

How long does it take to style your fringe?

I know it short section but how about for 1 month?

If you cut off the time for styling every morning you will use your own time more.

I keep my hair up every day, but I want to straighten my fringe

Even if you always your hair up, some of them want to keep fringe down right?

Hairstyle with fringe looks younger and cute

People who want to reduce the damage caused by ironing 

Do you use ironing every day?

Ironing damage hair a lot and your hair getting weak every day.

That’s why fringe straightening is better than using ironing every day.

Which is better straightening or smoothing?

You are not sure which one is better straightening or smoothing?

You need to know each of the features and suit your hair or not.

Features of straightening

  • 1First solution to make hair soft→Rinse out
  • 2Ironing process 
  • 3Second solution→Rinse out and styling

Straightening is good for any type of curl.

Features of smoothing

  • 1First solution to coating →Rinse out
  • 2Ironing quickly 
  • 3Rinse out→styling

Do you understand the difference between straightening and smoothing?

You can talk with your stylist which is good for your hair type.

Fringe straightening merits and demerits 


You had better know about the merits and demerits of fringe straightening.

Otherwise, the hair result is not what you expected.


  • 1 reduces the damage
  • 2 improve hair texture and shiny
  • 3 short cutf styling time

Straightening makes hair straight from the inside of hair so it keeps long and hair texture is much better.

You don’t need to straighten the whole hair so it is less damaged.


  • 1 It’s impossible to bleach on the fringe area 
  • 2 It’s risky to do it on damaged hair

Once you get straightening done before it would be difficult to use bleach or bright color.

It will damage hair a lot and hair condition will be bad.

If you already have damage you had better ask your stylist about what service is the best for your hair condition.

How often you need to do fringe straightening?

Basically, hair grows 1cm every month.

If you get straightening too much hair gets damaged easily.

It’s better to get straightening every 2 to 3 months.

How much and how long does it take for fringe straightening?

Baroque hair and nails offer fringe straightening starting from £100

Price would be different depending on the amount of fringe space.

Finge straightening takes 1 to 1 and half hours so it won’t take too much time.

Fringe straightening is good for men’s hair as well

Actually, there is many men’s customer also suffer from the habits and swell of the fringe area.

It’s ok to fringe straightening for a men’s hairstyle as well as a ladies’ hairstyle.

Some men’s customers style fringe up or down right?

In that case, if fringe is straight it would be easy to style by themselves 

We always welcome men’s customers!

Do not use box straightening from the drug store


Sometimes people use box straightening from the drug store.

But it’s risky because the chemical is used strong one and it damages hair a lot.

If you are thinking about going to use box straightening from the drug store please try not to use it.

We are sure that you will regret doing it.

If you got damaged from the fringe straightening?

Unfortunately, once you got damaged from the straightening process your hair never goes back to healthy till you cut it off.

That’s why it is important that you have to work with a good hair salon and hairdresser.

The straightening process is the most difficult hair service and hairstylists need experience and knowledge.

All our hairdressers have experienced and knowledge.

You will see if you visit our salon.

How to straighten fringe straightening?

At Baroque hair and nails, we put a lot of moistures at first to make hair condition better and then apply the first solution.

This process is very important to keep hair condition and create better results.

After rinsing out, dry hair and ironing each section.

We do the ironing process carefully and try not to do it for less damage.

Fringe straightening before and after

Please have a look above pictures.

This customer has strong habits and swells from the roots part.

Besides hair condition is not good.

But we make it super shiny and straight naturally.

We try to create natural-looking so it won’t be pin-straight.

Fringe straightening F&A

Can I get straight fringe with fringe straightening?

If you like short fringe or straight fringe, straightening is the best way to have a perfect fringe style.

I don’t like to be too flat

If you don’t like to be too flat we can skip the roots part and then the result does not become too flat.

It depends on your hair condition and your target results.

You can talk with our stylist about details.

I got fringe straightening another salon and can you fix it?

It’s depend on your hair condition. 

You had better walk-in the salon and show your hair to the stylist. 

Your stylist will suggest to you what they can do for your hair.

Can I sweep fringe to the side?

If you like to sweep fringe to the side please let your stylist know about it at first.

If you always sweep fringe same direction you need to set the roots to the sideway.

This process is also very important so if you let the stylist know before start straightening would be no problem.

Can I shampoo my hair after fringe straightening?

Right after straightening, hair is not completely set yet so try not to shampoo for 24 to 48 hours.

And it’s better to use amino acid shampoo for your hair.

Can I use ironing after fringe straightening?

Sure you can use it.

But as much as you use ironing your hair getting damaged so please use protection oil and set the temperature lower.

Best place for fringe straightening in London

Baroque hair and nails are specialists for straightening service.

We use the original chemical which is mild and make your hair condition better.

If you worry about getting straightening please walk into our salon for a consultation first.

Our experienced stylist checks your hair and suggests what is the best for your hair.






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Japanese Line 020 7491 2209

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