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【New】The best hair salon for Digital perm in London

Are you thinking about going to perm or digital perm?

If so please check our article and try to understand all about what you have to know before you get perm done.

We have many customers who ask us about perm but they don’t know well so that we decided to explain it to all.

If you understand about perm you don’t worry about it and go straight to the hair salon!

Our hair salon was featured as one of the 10 most popular Japanese hairdressing salons in London!
Thank you so much!

The Best Japanese Hair salon in London Top 10

The difference between Digital perm and regular perm

Do you know what is the difference between a perm and a digital perm?

Both are perm but the result is different so it’s better to know about it well.

What is a digital perm?

Digital perm creates a curl by a heat machine

It’s invented in Korea and the result is something like the curl are bigger and bouncy.

The curl of digital perm has memorized the shape of curl and when hair is dry curl comes out nicely.

But when hair is wet it looks straight looking.

What is a regular perm?

Regular perm creates a curl by chemical only.

  • cold perm
  • spiral perm
  • afro perm

These are made by regular perm.

This kind of perm creates a curl with a chemical that is mild to a strong one as well.

Then use the various shape of rods and wind hair with it.

Regular perm is something like when hair is wet curl comes out nicely but when it dry curl gets straighter.

A peculiarity of digital perm

Each perm has weak point and a strong point so better to know about it.

A peculiarity of digital perm

①good for damaged hair

Digital perm is good for damaged hair because we can separate applying chemicals depends on the damage level of the hair.

②Lasting longer

Digital perm is perm by the Heating system so lasting is longer than a regular perm.

③easy to restyle your hair 

The curl of digital perm has memorized the shape when it dries so easy to restyle your hair every day.

④Good for long hair 

Digital perm and long hair is a good combination 

⑤result is something like the same curl as a curling iron

Digital perm creates big curl like curling iron

A peculiarity of regular perm

①Creates a curl from the roots part

regular perm creates a curl from the roots part so if you want to get the body on the top definitely regular perm is better.

②Creates small curl

There are many different types of rods and we can create any type of curl 

③we can perm with short hair

If you have short hair you can get only a regular perm

Styling technique of digital perm

Do you know how to style your permed hair?

This is an important thing if you want to get a perm.

Digital perm

Digital perm is like when your hair is dry the curl comes out nicely.

Firstly put cream or oil on your hair especially the middle to end part.

Then start dry from the roots area to the middle part for 80%.

After that, twist your hair into a forwarding or reverse whichever you like and then dry ends part.

Then put oil on the hair and finish.

Regular perm

Regular perm is when hair is wet curls come out nicely.

Moose is the best styling product for a regular perm.

Put it all over the hair and natural dry.

If you don’t have time to natural dry use a hairdryer diffuser.

If you like to make your curl more natural-looking better to use a finger and dry it out.

After dry, gel or mousse is good for styling to make the curl shiny 

Merit and demerit of digital perm

Each perm has merit and demerits as well so you need to know about both of them before you get perm done.

The merit of digital perm

1.easy to create a big curl
2.lasting longer
3.less damage
4.work with thin hair type
5.creates a curl on straighten hair

These 5 merit is a most strong point for digital perm

If you have medium or long hair digital perm is the best 

Demerit of digital perm

1.difficult to creates small curl

2.difficult to creates curl on short hair 
3.difficult to get a body on the top
4.natural dry is not good for stying


Hairstyles of digital perm depend on the length

Asian Perm&digital perm

Here is some photo of digital perm style depend on hair length so please check your hair length and see what kind of style you like to get.

Digital perm×Long hair

If you have long hair you can get cur by the digital perm or regular perm

You have to care about your hair condition and your target curl.

Digital perm×Medium hair

Medium hair is a difficult length right?

People think about cutting short or grow it out.

But if you get perm easy to maintain and after few month hairs grow out longer.

If you have medium hair highly recommend getting a perm

Digital perm×Bob

Bob style always looks heavy right?

There is no movement and sometimes it boring.

If you like to try something new perm style is good for bob hair.

Digital perm×Short hair


たご ゆりか(@y31.97)がシェアした投稿

If you have short hair you can get only a regular perm.

Digital perm is a healing process so it’s impossible to create a curl from the roots part.

Besides regular perm create a curl only roots, ends, etc

Point of digital perm 

Have you ever had permed before?

I got perm before but result is not what i expected
After perm my hair got so much damage
My stylist said I cant get perm 

There are many people who had this kind of experience before.

If you don’t want to be like above please check some tips as below

Choose a hair salon to specialize in perm service

If you like to get a perm please go to the hair salon where specialize perm service.

Many hair salons offer perm service but you need to check they are better than others or not.

If the hair salon doesn’t have many perm style pictures on Instagram they don’t have many perm customers.

hair damage is affected to the result 

If your hair is already very damaged you should not perm your hair.

Hair condition is the most important thing for perming service.

If you had bleached before or get knot easily we don’t recommend 

How long does it last for a digital perm and regular perm?

You might want to know how long does it last 

Lasting depends on 

How tight you perm
How much is your hair damage
How long is your hair length


Digital perm=2〜3month

Regular perm=1〜2month

If your hair is healthy and strong lasting is much longer than above.

But loose wave and damaged hair doesn’t last long

How much are digital perm and regular perm?

This is our price list.

incl Cut, Shampoo and Blowdry

3D Digital wave/Cosmetic perm Stylist £170.00
Senior Stylist £180.00
Top Stylist £190.00
Hiroki £230.00
New customer
Fringe Perming
– not inc.Cutting
from £50.00- £70.00
Spiral wave Perming Price +extra £30.00-£50.00
Spiral wave(Hard) Perming Price +extra £50.00-£100.00

Our perm service is less damaged because we always add treatment into chemical and make hair less damaged with good curl

How long does it take for a digital perm and a regular perm?

Digital perm takes longer than a regular perm.

Hair cut+digital perm=3hours

Hair cut+regular perm=2hours

It depends on curl design and time would be different depending on curl design and hair condition.

Is it possible to get straightening and digital perm together?

There are many customers who want to get straightening with a curl at the bottom.

We understand many customers don’t like to be pin-straight hair and they want to look natural looking.

In that case, we do straightening from the roots part to the middle and digital perm at the bottom part.

If you like to get straightening and digital perm together please come to our salon.

One curl is the best way for the first-time customer 

If you never permed before and scare to perm your hair, one curl is a good way for first-time customers.

One curl is good for any type of hair length and when you tie up your hair, it’s easy to manage hairstyle and some movement.

If you scare to perm maybe one curl is good for you.

Digital perm help you to style easily in the morning

Many of our customers said that after digital perm gets done hair styling is easy and manageable.

Just add some water into hair and put wax or moose is ok.

why don’t you try?

Is it men’s also possible to get a digital perm and regular perm?

If you are men and never had a perm we highly recommend doing it.

Men’s perm is very popular all over the world and perm style is good for a change.

There are many different types of hair design so you can talk to the stylist about what kind of hairstyle is good for you.

Digital perm FAQ

Which one is good for a big curl?

A.Digital perm is god for big bouncy curl

Is it possible to perm at the fringe?

A.Yes but if it too shot like on eyebrow would be difficult

Which one is lasting long?

A.Digital perm is lasting longer than regular perm

Is it possible to perm on bleached hair?

A.After bleach hair gets very weak so you cant get a perm.

My hair naturally curls but can I still get perm?

A.Sure you can get a perm on naturally curly hair.

Is it possible to perm strongly with a digital perm?

A.We adjust the chemical and rods to perm more strongly.

Is it possible to straighten after digital perm?

A.Yes it possible to straightening after digital perm hair.

Digital perm damage the hair?

A.Yes it is. But it less damage more than another perm service 

Regular perm damage the hair?

A.Regular perm damaged hair but our chemical 

Is regular perm is possible to create a big curl?

A.Yes it is but after dry hair gets straighter easily

The best hair salon for digital perm service in London

Baroque hair and nails are a Japanese hair salon in London and we have many customers coming to get perm and straightening service.

Our chemical is mild and each time we add treatment to it and make hair less damaged.

If you are thinking about going to get perm service please visit our salon.

You can set up an appointment by calling, contact form, or online appointment.


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