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【2021】All you have to know about a loose perm

Are you interested in getting a loose perm this year?

There is the various design of perm style and you need to know it fits your face and hair type.

Here is some information about a loose perm and think about what is the best way for you.

What is a loose perm?

Loose perm is one of permanent perm and set with various types of rollers.

You can desire any type of curl and your stylist pick the best size of roller for creating a nice curl for you.

Basically, the loose perm is something bigger curl and it fits with medium, long hair.

Loose perm × Shorthair

Even if you have short hair like the picture you can get a loose perm.

You can get movement and easy to style your hair with volume.

Short hair with a loose perm is fashionable and easy to maintain.

Loose perm × Bob hair


立石 雄太郎(@t_y.c.h.n)がシェアした投稿

Bob hair becomes flat easily.

That’s why perming is one of the best ways to have texture and a new look.

If you get tired been straight-looking lose perm is good for you.

Loose perm × Medium hair

If you have medium hair and considering to cut your hair short or grow it out why don’t you try a loose perm?

Medium hair is difficult to maintain and ends always flipping away right?

Then if you get a loose perm you can put cream or oil only.

If you like to have some texture loose perm is the best way.

Loose perm × Longhair

A lot of people who have long hair get a perm.

Especially loose perm is good for the first time.

Even if you tie up your hair it still ends part is curly so looks nice.

Loose perm damaged hair?

Sure all chemical processes damage hair.

But if you work with a hairdresser who has a lot of experience with perm your hair will be still healthy.

Perming service is very difficult and if you work with a less experienced hairdresser your hair will get super damage.

If you really nice curl why don’t you try an experienced hair salon or hairdresser?

Please don’t try to go cheap hair salon in this case.

How to maintain a loose perm?

Most importantly right after the perm, you don’t have to comb through your hair straight too much.

Keep your hair curl as much as possible and use your fingers instead of comb or brush.

After the perm hair gets dry so you need to take care of hair with hair oil or treatment.

For styling, it’s good for using oil, cream, or moose.

Can I shampoo right after a loose perm?

Right after the perm, your curl does not lock properly.

Please try not to wash your hair for at least 24 to 48 hours.

And when you shampooing please use an acid shampoo like a mild one.

Most shampoo at drag store is too strong for permed hair so it takes out curl so quickly.

Men/Male also better to get a loose perm

If you are men/male and get boring with straight short hair loose perm is the best option to change your looking.

Don’t worry even if you have short to long lengths you can find a suitable design.


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But as much as your hair length is short, curl getting small, and it will not look loose perm.

If you like a loose perm you might need enough length especially the top part.

Anyway, we highly recommend men’s perm.

How much does the cost of the loose perm?



Here is our price list.

Price would be different depending on stylist rank and perm design.

incl Cut, Shampoo, and Blowdry

3D Digital wave/Cosmetic perm Stylist £170.00
Senior Stylist £180.00
Top Stylist £190.00
Hiroki £230.00
New customer
Fringe Perming
– not inc.Cutting
from £50.00- £70.00
Spiral wave Perming Price +extra £30.00-£50.00
Spiral wave(Hard) Perming Price +extra £50.00-£100.00

How long does it last loose perm?



Loose perm last 2 to 3 month.

But it’s depending on your hair texture and the size of the curl.

As much as you get small curls last longer and big curls last shorter.

If you like to keep your curls longer we recommend using a small curl.

Specialist for a loose perm in London

If you are thinking about going to have a loose perm in London please try Baroque Tokyo.

We have a lot of experience in perming service and all our products contain moisture treatment which helps your hair less damage.

We carefully perm your hair and give you the best result.

For a consultation please feel free to contact us by message.


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