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Damage-less hair straightening in Mayfair, London.

Many people who live in London want to get a hair straightening.

But have you ever had a hair straightening that failed you?

  • Your hair got damaged.
  • It was too straight.
  • It doesn’t last long

Hair straightening is one of the most difficult techniques in beauty services.

All beauty salons offer this service, but there are very few that have a professional level of technical expertise.

What is hair straightening?

There are two types of straight perms: straightening and straight perms.

Straightening involves using an alkaline agent to soften the hair and then using a straightening iron to straighten it.

A straight perm uses an alkaline agent to soften the hair, and then it is simply straightened with a comb.

In both cases, hydrogen peroxide water is applied at the end to stay the hair straight.

What is the difference between a straight perm and a hair straightener?

The difference between the two is the ironing process.

Like straightening, the heat of the iron can be used to straighten any type of hair, but it can also be damaging.

If there is no ironing work like in straight perms, it is often used to remove perms, but there is also damage.

Which lasts longer, straightening hair or straight perms?

Straightened hair lasts longer.

Once the hair is straightened, it will stay straight permanently.

However, because it uses the heat of iron, it can easily damage your hair.

If you have curly, wavy, or frizzy hair, hair straightening will help you keep your hair beautifully straight for a long time.

Is there a hair straightening that is less damaging to the hair?

Hair straightening was generally a service that used alkali, but nowadays there are hair straighteners that use acidic agents that are less damaging to the hair.

The cause of hair damage from straightening is the heat of the iron and the softening effect of the alkaline agent on the hair.

Since hair is weakly acidic, using an acidic agent rather than an alkaline agent will cause much less damage to the hair.

The result is soft, natural, and straight hair.

In addition, the way the iron is heat-treated is also important.

To minimize the damage to the hair, you must straighten the hair gently without pulling it.

And while taking small sections, you have to be careful not to turn the heat of the iron too high.

How do I find a hairdresser who can be straightening my hair well?

Japanese hair salon/日系美容室(ヘアサロン)

The best way to find a hairdresser who can straighten your hair is to check SNS and Reviews on google.

A good hairdresser will have a lot of customers who come to him for hair straightening.

So there will be a lot of photos and reviews on social media and reviews of hair straighteners.

If there are only a few reviews and photos about hair straightening, you shouldn’t go there.

Before and after photos of hair straightening

This photo is of a customer who comes to Baroque hair and nails.

Many of our clients suffer from strong habits, frizz, and swell.

Our hair straightening treatment is very nourishing and minimizes the damage to the hair, so the result is beautiful.

Depending on the type of hair, we adjust the strength of the treatment and the nourishment, so all types of hair will be happy.

What is the best hair salon in Mayfair, London for hair straightening?

Baroque hair and nails are one of the best hairdressing salons in Mayfair for hair straightening.

This is because we have a lot of clients who come to us to have their hair straightened.

And because we have a lot of experience and skills, our customers trust us.

If you are looking for a hairdresser who can straighten your hair well, come to Baroque hair and nails.




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