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An in-depth guide to hair design for long hair

There are many different hair designs for long hair.

You can tie your hair up, straighten it or perm it.

If you are tired of your current long hair, why not try a new hairstyle?

We would like to introduce a variety of hairstyles for those who want to try a new long hairstyle.

Long hair x Hair straightening

The best way to make your long hair look its best is to straighten it.
The surface of the hair will be tidied up and the shine and texture will be improved.

This is highly recommended for those who suffer from frizzy or dry hair.

If you have never had your hair straightener before, you will be very impressed.

Long hair x digital perm

A digital perm is a beauty service that creates large curls in the hair.
Digital perms are done in a similar process to hair straightening and last longer than regular perms.

A digital perm will add movement to your hair and give you a voluminous hairstyle.

It is also easy to style, just dry it and you will have curly hair that looks like it has been curled with an iron.

Long hair x layered cut

If you’re getting a little tired of your long hair, try adding layers around the face to create movement at the ends.

If you have long hair without layers, it will look heavy and not light.

If you have long hair with layers, it is easy to curl with iron and easy to style when tied up.

Long hair with layers can be styled in a variety of ways by adjusting the height of the layers.

Low layers create movement at the ends of the hair, and full layers give a lighter look to the hairstyle.

Long hair x highlights

By adding highlights to long hair, the streaky colour gives movement to the hair.

Depending on the brightness and thickness of the highlights, a variety of designs can be created.

Long hair with highlights looks more beautiful when curled with an iron, so it goes very well with curly hair.

Long hair x blonde hair

One of the best ways to change the image of long hair is to make it blonde.

Blonde hair can change the look of your hair and make your face look brighter.

The blonde hair makes your hair look lighter, so it goes well with both straight and curly hair.

Long hair×Brown hair colour

The combination of long hair and brown colour is common among Asians.

Asians usually dye their hair brown to make it look lighter, as their natural hair is black.

The brown colour is easy to match with the colour of your clothes and can be combined with highlights and perms.

Unlike bleached hair, this colour is less damaging to the hair and is easy for all types of hair to try.

How to care for your long hair

Daily hair care is very important in order to keep your long hair looking good.

Hair is damaged every day by various stimuli.

  • Damage from air conditioning
  • Damage from UV rays
  • Damage from friction
  • Damage caused by shampoo

To keep your long hair looking good, use a heat protection oil before going out to protect your hair from irritation.

Before shampooing, brush your hair carefully and use a mild shampoo such as an amino acid shampoo.

It is best to use a treatment with a repairing effect and to apply it when the cuticle is open.

Afterwards, rinse your hair with a little cold water to close the cuticles and make the treatment more effective.

Hair salon specializing in long hair

At Baroque hair and nails we offer a wide range of hairstyles that our customers will love.

From straightening and digital perms to colouring and treatments, if you are tired of your current long hair, come and see us.




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