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What causes hair to turn grey?

    You’re going about your normal life and suddenly you look in the mirror and see a few strands of white hair.

    When you look at your hair in the mirror, you will see that it is white.

    However, there are many people who feel that they are the only ones with grey hair compared to the same generation.

    In this article, we will try to explain the causes of grey hair, how to improve it, and the effects of where it grows.

    We hope this will be of help to those who suffer from grey hair.

    How hair turns grey

    The hair follicles contain hair matrix cells, which are the cells that produce hair.

    The melanin pigment that decides the colour of the hair is called melanocytes (pigment forming cells), and they are next to the hair matrix cells that are the source of hair tissue.

    However, the cause of grey hair is a decrease in the functioning of the cells, which means that the melanin pigment is not produced or passed on to the hair matrix cells, resulting in grey hair.

    Let’s take a look at some of the causes of grey hair.

    What are the causes of grey hair?

    There are many factors that can cause grey hair, so check if you are doing anything that could be causing it.


    The most common cause of grey hair is heredity.

    Hair cells are inherited from parents, so the influence of heredity is very strong.

    For example, if one of your parents has thinning hair, there is a greater chance that your child will also have thinning hair.

    Similarly, you can tell if you are likely to grow grey hair by looking at your parents’ hair.


    The second strongest cause of grey hair is the effect of aging.

    The hair matrix cells and melanocytes that produce hair work less and less due to aging.

    So, after a certain age, it is easy to grow gray hair.

    Especially after the ’30s, grey hair will increase in many cases.

    [Nutritional deficiency】

    As the cause of grey hair, it is thought that the function of hair matrix cells decreases by lack of nutrition and grey hair increases.

    When the proper nutrition is not taken, it affects the development of hair and the function of hair matrix cells that make hair is also decreased.

    The nutrients from the food we take from our body are distributed throughout the body and reach the hair last.

    So, it is important to manage your diet to get proper nutrition.

    [lack of sleep]

    It is said that the best way to sleep is to get about 7 hours of sleep every day, but if you don’t get a good night’s sleep every day, your body won’t be able to rest properly and your hair will be affected by the decline in body functions.

    During sleep, cell division is activated, which leads to hair growth and body growth, but if you don’t get enough sleep, your body will become tired and will not be able to recover properly.

    [Lack of exercise】

    In our twenties and thirties, we don’t get the chance to exercise as much as we used to.

    If you don’t move your body, your body’s functions will start to decline little by little.

    The flow of capillaries, which can be the cause of grey hair, is also reduced when you don’t exercise, which makes it harder for nutrients to reach your hair.


    In today’s modern society, we need to learn how to deal with stress in a good way. This stress is said to be one of the factors that disturb the autonomic nervous system of the body, and the stimulation caused by stress can lead to physical problems.

    Of course, the same is true for hair, where the functioning of hair matrix cells may be reduced and the flow of capillaries in the scalp may be impaired, making it difficult for healthy hair to grow.

    Spending time in a distressed or overly stressed state can also lead to more grey hair.


    In some cases, diseases cause the function of melanocytes and hair matrix cells to decrease, resulting in grey hair.

    Also, alopecia areata and other diseases are very common that the first hair that grows back after the loss of hair grows back as white hair with no melanin pigment being cultivated.

    When you are ill, your body works less well and this may have a small effect on your hair.

    Causes of grey hair from teens to 40s

    In fact, the rate at which grey hair grows varies greatly with age.

    However, some people start going grey at a young age, and many people in their 40s still don’t have many grey hairs.

    We would like to explain what causes grey hair in each age group.

    Causes of grey hair from teenage years

    • Heredity
    • Disease

    The most common cause of grey hair in the teenage years is the influence of heredity. There are rare cases of youthful grey hair or grey hair growing in one part of the body.

    Causes of grey hair in your 20s

    • Genetics
    • Lack of nutrition
    • Lack of sleep
    • Stress

    These are the three most common causes of grey hair in your twenties.

    In this generation, when you start working, living alone and the stresses of work are also likely to cause you to go grey.

    The lifestyle is different from when you were a student, and you have to be careful because lack of sleep and irregular eating habits can also affect you.

    Causes of grey hair in your 30s

    • Heredity
    • Lack of sleep
    • Lack of exercise
    • Stress
    • Aging

    Many people in their thirties start to show signs of grey hair.

    In general, the number of people with grey hair increases in their thirties, as they become more stressed at work and at home, and their bodies become more tired, which leads to aging.

    In our 30s, we are more stressed at work and at home, and our bodies become more tired, which leads to aging.

    The lifestyle is different from when you were a student, and you have to be careful because lack of sleep and irregular eating habits can also affect you.

    Causes of grey hair in your 40s

    • Heredity
    • Lack of sleep
    • Lack of exercise
    • Stress
    • Ageing

    In your 40s, the percentage of grey hair increases significantly, making you look and feel older than you are.

    Some people will continue to have black hair, but in general, the proportion of grey hair will be between 20% and 40%, and in many cases, the number of grey hairs will be higher than in the 30s.

    How to improve your grey hair


    It is not possible to prevent grey hair due to heredity, but it is possible to improve grey hair if it is caused by other factors.

    In some cases, the hair will return to the black by allowing the body to work properly and by allowing the melanocytes to develop melanin pigment.

    Let’s take a look at some of the ways to improve your hair.

    Improve your lifestyle

    Improving your lifestyle will help to prevent grey hair as it will help to restore normal body functions.

    In particular

    • Nutritional deficiencies
      >>protein, minerals, and vitamins
    • Lack of sleep
      >>Get 7 hours of sleep a day.
    • Stress
      >>Make sure your life is stress-free.
    • Lack of exercise
      >>Do moderate exercise twice a week

    etc. is very important to make your body less likely to grow grey hair by being aware of them from your twenties.

    How to deal with grey hair

    If you have grey hair, you may be wondering how best to deal with it.

    Here are some examples of common cases.

    Is it safe to pull out my grey hair?

    If you have a few grey hairs growing in, it is quite common for people to pull out the visible grey hairs.

    Pulling out grey hair is not a good idea as it damages the skin and cells at the root, making it harder for new hair to grow and more likely to break out.

    It is tempting to pull it out, but be careful not to pull out too much of the same area, as this can cause the hair to thin.

    If I cut my grey hair from the root, will it matter?

    If you cut the hair from the root, it is one of the most effective ways to make the grey hair invisible in terms of appearance.

    However, as the number of grey hairs increases, the more grey hairs you cut from the root, the more visible the grey hairs will be on the top of the head and other parts of the head, because when the short hairs grow out from the root, they will look tangled.

    If you have only a few grey hairs you will still be fine, but if you have 10 or more grey hairs you will not be able to cope with cutting from the root.

    Dyeing your hair grey

    If you have more than a certain amount of grey hair, we recommend that you try dyeing your hair grey for the first time.

    When you hear the word “grey hair dye”, many people think of pure black hair colour, but nowadays it is possible to blend in by changing to a brighter grey hair dye or a colour that is somewhat lighter, like a fashion colour.

    Be careful with self hair dye

    There are many people who dye their hair gray by themselves, but commercial gray hair dye is more irritating and damaging to the hair and scalp than hair salon colour.

    In addition, the colour of the colour is made to be dyed well, so it is easy to become black.

    Many people who dye their hair grey think that they would like to have a brighter colour in the future, so dyeing your hair grey at a hair salon will bring you closer to your ideal hair colour.

    Does the cause of grey hair depend on where it grows?

    Different people have different areas where grey hair tends to grow.

    Some people get most of their grey hairs around their face where it is easiest to notice, while others get grey hairs from the side of their hair.

    Here are some of the causes of grey hair in different places.

    Many grey hairs around the face

    The area around the face has nerve cells, and with the increased use of mobile phones and computers in today’s society, eye strain and active nerve cells can lead to grey hair.

    Grey hair is more common in the parting area

    The parting of the hair is the most vulnerable area to UV rays and external stimuli such as direct sunlight. Due to the effects of these stimuli, the area may become inactive due to active oxygen and grey hair may grow.

    Many grey hairs at the back of the head

    If you have a lot of grey hair at the back of your head, it may be due to hormonal imbalance such as irregular periods. Moderate exercise and a good diet are effective ways to improve the functioning of the internal organs.

    A lot of grey hair in places around the ears

    In some cases, a poor oral environment such as tooth decay or dental abscess may be the cause of grey hair.

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