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Hair salon in London specialising in hair straightening

There are many people with frizzy hair or kinky hair who need time to style their hair every day or who can’t achieve the hairstyle they want.

We would like to introduce our Japanese straightening techniques to anyone who has such problems.

Damage hair

The client’s hair is naturally very frizzy and wavy from the roots.

If nothing is done to the hair, it spreads very much when it is dried.

On top of that, her hair is very weak due to the repeated use of hair colour.

If you try to straighten damaged hair, there is a risk that the hair will become stringy and break.

That is why in our salon we replenish the hair with good nutrition and then use a chemical with treatment.

Even if your hair is damaged and so stubborn, we can make your hair natural and straight.

kinky, frizzy hair

This is the most common type of hair that spreads out, especially among those with kinky hair or frizzy hair.

The disadvantage of this type of hair is that it has a dry texture and makes the head look very large.

These people tend to spend most of their days with their hair basically tied up.

The ends of her hair were also sore and she had a hard time styling it by herself.

With our hair straightening treatment, the result is soft and natural-looking straight hair.

As you can see, the hair is not unnaturally crisp and hard, and we try to keep the texture as natural as possible.

Can I get a perm at the ends of my hair if I have straightened hair?

Most of our clients with kinky hair or frizzy hair enjoy straightening their hair to some extent, but most of them want to change their hair afterward.

Most of our clients want to change their hair from straight to naturally curly hair.

If you have straightened your hair and want to perm it, you need to ask a skilled hairdresser who are able to judge the hair condition, choose the right chemical, and has a lot of experience.

In our salon, we have worked with many clients with kinky hair and frizzy hair.

After a thorough consultation with the customer, if we judge that we can do it, we will apply a digital perm to the hair after it has been straightened to provide more natural-looking curly hair.

Kinky hair and frizzy hair are prone to damage and breakage.

If you are kinky hair or frizzy hair, you need to choose a hair salon that can straighten your hair well or you risk being failed.

Hair straightening is a very difficult technique, so if you go to a salon that offers cheap & quick hair straightening services, you run the risk of eventually failing.

That’s why, if you are suffering from kinky hair or stubborn frizzy hair, you should definitely ask for help from an experienced hair salon that specializes in hair straightening and hair improvement.

Hair salon in London specialising in hair straightening

At Baroque hair and nails, we have many customers who suffer from frizzy hair and kinky hair every day.

Our hair straightening service is more advanced than any other salon and is provided by experienced hairdressers.

If you are looking for the best hair straighteners in London, come and visit us at Baroque hair and nails.





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