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Why does Japanese straightening damage my hair?

There are so many people whose hair is damaged by Japanese straightening.

So many people who are suffering from kinks and swells are wondering whether to do Japanese straightening or not.

For those people, I would like to introduce why Japanese straightening hurts and how to prevent it from hurting.

Causes of hair damage with Japanese straightening

Reasons for pain with Japanese straightening include

  1. Strength of the chemical
  2. Temperature of iron
  3. Aftercare

The main causes are as follows.

We would like to explain each reason in detail.

Strength of the chemical

Various types of chemicals used in Japanese straightening are available from different companies.

You need to be careful about the strength of the chemicals you use and how long you leave them on, depending on the strength of your hair and the condition of your hair.

If you fail to make this choice, your hair will be damaged and in the worst-case scenario, your hair will become snappy and choppy.

Temperature of iron

The second reason for pain with Japanese straightening is mainly due to ironing operations.

The temperature and tension used can greatly affect the load on the hair.

The higher the temperature, the greater the load on the hair, and forcibly applying tension and pulling hard will also damage the hair.

The temperature should be adjusted according to the condition of the hair and its past chemical history, the tension should be gentle and the minimum necessary strength is sufficient without forcibly pulling.


In some cases, even after Japanese straightening has made the hair beautifully straight, the hair is damaged by not taking proper aftercare.

After Japanese straightening, the minimum requirement is to use an amino acid-based shampoo and to perform regular treatments.

Daily use of inferior shampoos, overuse of hair dryers, and curling irons can also cause damage.

How you take care of your hair at home will make a big difference in how long your Japanese straightening will last.

How to take care of your hair after Japanese straightening has damaged your hair


Once a mistake is made with Japanese straightening, it is impossible to restore the hair to its original state.

The only way is to cut the hair in the areas where it has snapped or become limp.

It is possible to restore the hair condition a little using smoothing or other methods, but it is on a case-by-case basis.

To avoid being failed, avoid hair salons that are only cheap and hairdressers with little experience in Japanese straightening.

How to choose a hair salon with good Japanese straightening

When choosing a beauty salon with good Japanese straightening, check the photos on social networking sites and websites.

A hair salon that is good at Japanese straightening will have many photos of straightened hair.

In addition, be sure to check Google reviews.

It may be tedious, but you can reduce the risk of failure by doing this much preliminary research.

Which hair salons are famous for Japanese straightening in London?

Baroque hair and nails are one of the most experienced Japanese straightening salons in London.

All hairdressers have experience in straightening hair of various ethnicities in Japan, London, and beyond.

In addition, the hair straightening products we use are originally made, which are less stressful to the hair and give it a softer texture.

If you are looking for a hair salon in London that is good at Japanese straightening, please visit Baroque hair and nails.




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