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10 things you need to know to avoid hair straightening mistakes on your bob.

Are you about to change your hairstyle and want a makeover but have these problems?

  • I want to have a bob, but my hair is too curly and I can’t cut it off.
  • If I have a bob, it’s too much work to maintain it.
  • I have short hair, but it spreads when I grow it out, so I can’t go for a bob.
  • I had a bad experience with a bob and I don’t want to cut it again.

Do you have any problems with your hair?

I wrote this article for you to read.

If you have problems with your hair quality and habits, or if you can’t get a bob because of a failed attempt, don’t give up.

This article will help you to reduce the risk of being a failure and explain the advice and points that will help you to get the bob style you want.

What is the secret behind the popularity of the straightened hair x bob?

Straight bob styles are becoming very popular these days.

There are popular bob styles for all ages, from the younger generation to the adult generation.

Especially the popular chopped bob for the younger generation, which has become a fashion trend, and the cut-off bob, which is also popular with the adult generation, are still in vogue.

For those with frizzy or easily spread hair, the combination of straightened hair and bob has become the norm.

Instead of the hard, too-straight straight hair of the past, the use of the latest chemicals and techniques can give you natural, soft, straight hair!

We would like to delve deeper into why straightening and bobs are so popular.

Hair straightening x bob is recommended for

If any one of the following applies to you, I suggest a frizzy x bob!

Check which one applies to you.

I want to make a drastic image change

There are so many customers who want to change their image with straightened hair x bob!

Customers who used to tie their long or medium hair up are so impressed after having a straightened x bob that there are a surprising number of people who say they can never go back to long or medium hair.

I want to reduce my morning styling time.

Many people avoid having their hair styled because it takes a long time to do so when it is shortened.

If you have a straightened bob style, just stroking your hair with oil or cream will give you the trendy patted bob or cropped bob, so it takes surprisingly little time for styling!

People with damaged hair want to cut it off.

Is there any medium or long hair wearers who have damaged hair ends but continue to grow their hair long?

If you keep your hair in a damaged state, it is easy to look old and unhealthy.

Instead of keeping damaged hair, it’s better to cut it off and have a shiny bob, so that people around you can get a better impression of you.â

People whose heads tend to look bigger when their hair is cut short.

Many people have had the experience of having a bob in the past and having their heads look bigger due to their bone structure or habits.

For those people, we recommend straightening your hair and having a bob at the same time, as it will give you a cool silhouette while keeping the volume as low as possible!

Advantages and disadvantages of straightened hair x bob.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of straightening hair x bob to help you decide whether you should have a weakly acidic hair straightener.

Advantages of straightened hair x bob

  • Easier styling
  • Shiny and healthy hairstyle
  • Less time spent drying your hair
  • Can create both cute and cool styles
  • Look younger

These are some of the benefits we hear most often from our customers!

Disadvantages of straightened hair x bob

  • Cannot be permed or highlighted
  • Easy to be rejected due to differences in technical skills

If you have a straightened x bob, there will be quite a few cases where you will be refused when you want to have a perm or highlights.

This is because of the strain on the hair.

Also, if the hairdresser is not good at straightening your hair, there are cases where they damage your hair too much and make it too chippy.

How often should I have a straightened x bob?

How often should I care for my frizzy x bob?

The recommendations depend on the length of your hair and the strength of your frizz, so use the following figures as a guide.

  • Short hair – every 2-4 months
  • Medium hair – every 3-5 months
  • Long hair – every 4-6 months

If you want to keep the length and shape of your bob, you should have a haircut every month or two and have your hair straightened every two months.

Over-straightening can be very hard on your hair, so it is best to have it done while assessing the condition of your hair with your hairdresser carefully and using gentle chemicals to minimize damage.

Of course, the strength of each person’s kinks and hair type varies, so keep in mind that this is just a reference.

What are the prices and treatment times for straightening x bob?


incl Cut, Treatment,Shampoo and Blow dry

Regrowth Straightening £300.00〜
Full Head Straightening Short £320.00〜
Medi £330.00〜
Long £340.00〜
Small section Straightening
– not incl Cutting
from £100.00

Straightened hair x bob is very popular with students.

Straightened hair x bob is very, very popular with the younger generation, like high school and junior high school students, who can’t have their hair coloured or permed!

For students, tight hairstyles with as little volume as possible are preferred.

This is because they don’t want their heads to look big.

In addition, many young people value the shine of their hair very highly, so the combination of straightened hair and bob is a great advantage for students.

Straightened hair x bob for people in their 40s and 50s.


Straightened hair x bob is a hit with people in their forties and fifties!

When you are in your 40s and 50s, the shine and texture of your hair deteriorate significantly as your hair gradually wears down.

Many people dye their hair grey or get perms, so the condition of their hair gets even worse.

There are many bob designs that suit these adult generations in their 40s and 50s.

Of course, voluminous bob designs are very popular with the adult generation, so it is necessary to apply chemicals, treat the iron, and cut the hair accordingly to suit the desired look.

We have a very large number of customers in their 40s and 50s who also visit our salon.

Many people feel that they don’t want a straightened x bob because it makes them look flat!

A common cause of hair straightening x bob is

  • the hair is flattened
  • The top part of the hair gets crushed.

Many customers are concerned about the following.

Straightening is a treatment that straightens the hair, so curled hair is of course more voluminous than straightened hair.

The same applies to the top, which can easily be flattened by straightening.

If you don’t want the top to be flat.

  • Do not apply chemicals to the root of the top
  • Only apply the iron lightly to the surface of the hair
  • Rounding off the hair when applying the second component

There are various ways to deal with this, such as

If you don’t want your hair to be flattened by straightening x bob, make sure you tell your stylist.

What if the hair straightener x bob fails?


There is a very high risk that a straightened x bob will fail if you don’t have an experienced hairdresser.

If a straightened x bob fails, it will

  • The hair becomes too frizzy
  • Hair is very damaged
  • Difficult to style
  • Hair has fallen out
  • Hair became tousled and straight
  • The top of the head is squashed and the form is bad

It can cause you to feel like you shouldn’t have had it done.

This is why it is important to choose a shop carefully before booking a service that requires technical skills and experience, such as hair straightening.

How to ask for a straightened hair x bob

When asking for a straightened x bob at a hair salon, it is very useful to know how to ask for it correctly.

This is because just showing them a picture of what you want is not enough to get the ideal design.

When doing a straightened hair x bob, you should

  • Give details of your past chemical history
  • Tell us your preferences regarding top volume
  • Tell me whether you want to iron the ends of your hair
  • Tell them how much time you usually spend styling your hair
  • Tell them how you take care of your hair every day
  • Tell her in advance which parts of your hair tend to spring back.

It is a good idea to tell your hairdresser in detail such as the following.

Of course, if the hairdresser is experienced, you don’t need to ask these questions, as they will give you a thorough consultation about the condition of your hair and counseling.

On the other hand, if the shop is like a budget hairdresser that rotates a lot of customers, there is a high possibility that they cannot create a design that meets the wishes of each individual customer, and they tend to fail.

If you don’t want to be unsuccessful, always choose a hair salon that is good at straightening hair and bob cuts.

Straightened hair and a short bob with bangs are also recommended.

For short hairstyles like the frizzy x short bob, I’d recommend going for a style with fringes!

Fringes make you look younger and go well with short bobs and bobs.

If the frizzy bangs are not softened and straightened properly, the tousled fringes will not match any hairstyles.

The shorter you straighten your hair, the more likely it is to become tousled, so when cutting to a shorter style, it is recommended to use a hair improvement treatment in combination with other products.

Gallery photo of straightened hair x bob.

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