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What is earring hair colouring?

If you want to try a different hair color but don’t have the colour or design you want, there is a recommended hair colour for you!

That is earring color!!

Earring colour is an explosively popular hair color technique, and many customers come to Baroque and hair nails every week.

Please read this article and try a stylish hair color that is different from the colors you have been using until now.

What is earring colour?

Earring color is a popular colour technique in which only the area around the ear is contrasted.

Women often wear their hair over their ears, and the combination of the cuteness of the earrings and the colour makes them look more fashionable, so it is highly recommended.

Earring color is a very cute and cool way for those who do not wear earrings to add color contrast around the ears, and the small bunches of color that can be glimpsed when the earrings are worn are a good accent.

3 earring color characteristics

Earring color features include

  • Minimal color so they are less painful
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Impression can be changed immediately

The following are some of the features of earring coloring.

Since the color is mainly applied to the area around the ears, people who want to brighten their hair but do not want to bleach their entire hair can do so.

Also, if you have permed or straightened your hair, bleaching is not recommended, but the impression you get by just adding a touch of colour is a feature of earring color.

It is hard to see the colour when the earring part is down, but the moment you put them over your ears, the impression will change so you can enjoy hairstyles and fashion according to your TPO!

What is the difference between earring color and inner color?

When I heard the term “earring color,” I thought to myself.

“You mean the traditional inner-colour?”

I think there are many people who misunderstand this term.

Inner colour is a method of dying the nape area (the hair on the back of the head below the ear and ear line).

Inner colour does not look dyed on the part of the hair visible from the surface, but when the hair is brushed or tied up, the colour contrast is clearly visible, making this color a design feature.

In comparison, earring colour is applied as a point of color around the ears, where the colour grows beautifully when the earrings are worn.

Therefore, it is difficult to look extremely flashy, and the most important point is that the color is most visible when the hair is worn over the ears.

This is highly recommended for people who are applying bright colour for the first time or who do not want to change the color with a lot of gusto like inner colour.

Why have earring colour become so popular?

The secret behind the popularity of earring color is that more and more customers are looking for hair colour that looks good with earrings.

Especially since entering the 2021 generation, there has been an increase in short hairstyles that create a feminine and fashionable atmosphere around the ears.

With the increase in short styles, there is a wider repertoire of colors, and I think more customers are seeking “cute colours” and “cool colours” that suit them with earrings.

I think earring colors that match the design and color of the earrings worn in the ears will become mainstream in the future.

What happens when earring color is done with black hair?

Many people may want to try earring colour but are wondering what to do because they have black hair now.

Basically, if you have black hair, even if you wear them over your ears, the earrings will make a very strong statement because the hair colour around the ears remains black.

However, since black hair is 4 levels, I highly recommend 6 levels or more to create a little contrast.

Also, if you bleach your hair thoroughly, you can create a more edgy and cool style, which is recommended for those who want to look mature.

What happens when earring colour is made without bleach?

Many people want to do earring colour but without bleaching and without damaging their hair.

Earring colour is a popular color design for the younger generation because the brighter the color, the easier it is to add vivid color.

Otherwise, if you are an 8-level brown person, you can change your impression considerably just by dying your hair with a few additional color tones such as reddish, ash, blue, or green tones.

Perhaps the best part of earring colour is that it can be enjoyed without bleaching.

How to do earring colour

The earring colour will vary greatly depending on the color and spread you want to include and whether or not you want to do a base color.

In general, for earring colour only, the process is as follows.

This customer had previously had earring color, and we will retouch the roots and add a new colour.

The bleaching part also uses a bleaching agent to brighten the root part of the hair because it is dark, and a weaker agent because the tips of the hair are already light.

After bleaching, a toner is applied to the bleached area on the shampoo table to finish the process.

In most cases at our salon, we also do color correction on areas other than the earring color.

Earring colour are also recommended for customers in their 40s and 50s

Those in their 40s and 50’s who have the image that earring colours are for young kids!

That’s not true!

We have many customers in their 40s and 50s who want to try a different hair color, and we suggest earring color to them.

I don’t want to damage my hair by bleaching.

I don’t know if it will look good on me.

I don’t want to damage my hair by bleaching,” or “I am embarrassed because my hair doesn’t match my age.

Please visit our salon and let our professional stylists help you.

Our professional stylists will listen to your concerns and provide you with a satisfactory result!

Before and after photos of earring colour


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