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Learn about the best one-pointed colours for this winter.

One-point colour” is recommended when you want to change the look and feel of your hair a little.

One-point colour is a hair design that allows you to express your individuality by dying parts of your hair instead of the whole hair.

This time we would like to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of one-point colour, which you should know before having it done.

What is the one-point colour?

One-point colour is a popular colour service where the colour is placed in a single point to make the look more fashionable.

One-point colour requires only a small area to be coloured, and since the entire hair is not dyed, it is easy for people who do not want to damage their hair to try it.

It is very popular among students, especially high school and university students.

On a black or brown base, the one-point colour that can be glimpsed from the inside can be used on and off, so you can change the look and feel to match your fashion and make-up.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of one-point colour?


  • Easy to try fashionable colours.
  • Less stress on the hair
  • Can significantly change the atmosphere.

The advantages are as follows.

Even if you don’t dye the whole hair, it is easy to challenge this merit with just one point.


  • Aftercare is a bit of a hassle.

This is probably the biggest disadvantage.

Because the hair is dyed in parts, it is easy to overreact to chemicals such as perms and straighteners in that area if bleach is used, so care will be needed.

Types of points (areas) to be dyed with one-point colour.

The main areas where one-point colour can be applied are

  • Tip of the hair (ends colour)
  • Around the ear (earring colour)
  • Nape area (inner colour)
  • Fringe colour

These are very common.

Depending on the position of the hair colour, it can be easy or difficult to see, so it is advisable to discuss this with your hairdresser.

Can I do one-point colour myself?

Many people use box colour to do one-point colour.

This is because the one-point colour is easier as you only need to dye a part of the hair (part), rather than the whole of the hair.

What you need to know is that one-point colour can be done by self-dyeing, but the techniques for blurring the roots and the level of skill and experience required to achieve the colour you want are very different.

If you do it yourself, use clips to part your hair firmly, apply plenty of dye to get the ideal colour, and be careful about leaving time for bright colours using bleach.

How much does one-point colour cost?

The price of one-point colour

  • Varies greatly depending on whether bleaching is used or not
  • Depends on the position, size and amount of colour.
  • depends on the length of time it takes to complete the treatment.

The price varies greatly depending on these conditions.

If bleach is not used, the time required for a single application of colourant is short, but if bleach is used for a high tone, the price will change because of the time needed to brighten the hair with bleach and the time needed to add colour afterwards.

In addition, the treatment time varies greatly depending on the position and amount of colour to be applied to a single point.

It is therefore very important to consult with the salon and your stylist before having a one-point colour.

Before and after photos of one-pointed colours.

One-point colour can be used to create a variety of different images depending on the position, colour and size of the one-point colour.

The colours shown here are just some of them, so if you have a design you have in mind or a one-point colour you would like to try, please get in touch!

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