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10 short hairstyles with hair straightening.

Many people would like to try a ‘haircut’ but have kept their hair long due to strong frizz and wavy hair.

For these people, we recommend hair straightening.

Our salon offers soft and supple straight hair.

Even if you have short hair, we can provide a design that fits well without being unnatural, so please check out this article!

Are straightened and short hair prone to failure?

A number of people fail to straighten their hair when making it short.

Straightening short hair is more difficult than straightening long hair, so the result is inevitably stiff and the ends are too long and unnatural.

Common examples of short hair straightening failures are,

  • The top of the hair becomes flat
  • Hair ends become tousled
  • A ‘wiggy’ look
  • The root of the hair is not straightened
  • The root of the hair is not straightened.

You want to try shortening your hair, but you are inevitably worried about the risk of these failures.

If you have a good hair stylist and a hair salon, you can greatly reduce the risk of the above-mentioned mistakes.

This will allow you to try more hair designs that suit you, so it is very important to choose the right salon and hairdresser.

Can you create roundness in short hair with a hair straightener?

One of the most frequently discussed cases among customers is that if you make hair straightening on short hair, it becomes tousled and you can’t make it look round, can you? This is a common question.

For short hair, there are ways to give the hair a natural rounded look depending on the chemicals used and the strength of the iron.

If you have short hair and don’t want it to be tousled and straight, don’t worry.

But not every salon uses that method, so ironing work and chemical selection is very important.

Can a short wolf-like style be achieved with hair straightening?

Many people want to try the short wolf-like hairstyles that are so popular at the moment, but feel that straightening their hair might make it look unnatural.

Wolf styles are not suitable for all hair types, as they enhance the shape of the head and feature light movement at the ends of the hair.

For people who want to try short but have frizzy or wavy hair, the length and design should be adjusted based on the person’s bone structure, hair texture and facial contours.

Before going for a trendy design, be sure to consult with your hairdresser to ensure that you are not made to make a mistake.

Short bobs made with hair Japanese straight were popular in the 40s and 50s.

Many people in their 40s and 50s have their hair shortened as it loses its shine and elasticity.

At Baroque Hair and Nails, we can provide soft, straight hair by using hair improvement treatments and acidic hair straightening to give your hair shine.

This is a popular menu for customers who are in their 40s or 50s but want to look beautiful and young!

Does a straight bob with fringes make you look younger?

Straight bobs are very common with bangs, but some people really don’t want to look young.

For such people, one option is to cut the length of the straight bob into a shorter length.

Even with a straight bob, the length setting can greatly change the look and feel, and gradations and layering can also create movement, so it’s a good idea to talk to your hairdresser about the length that suits you best.

I recommend filling in the collar like in the photo to make it look compact while also creating a dynamic hair design!

How often to get straightening with short hair?

The frequency of hair straightening for short hair depends on how strong the underlying kinks are.

Generally, the frequency of hair straightening for short hair is about once every three months.

Hair straightening is very hard on the hair, so at Baroque Hair and Nails, we use original chemicals to minimize the strain on the hair.

If you have experienced your hair falling apart due to repetitive straightening, please experience our hair straightening treatment.

Hair design for straightened and short hair

The most popular straightened hairstyle for students is the short bob with black hair.

With black hair, it tends to look heavy and often fails in a cocky way.

When bobbing with black hair, care must be taken in the way the collar is cut and around the face.

After that, it is very important to adjust the overall volume of the hair and make sure that the back volume is not extremely heavy.

If you are a student or have had the experience of being unsuccessful with a straight bob with black hair, you should pay attention to the above points.

Shorter bobs are popular with people in their 30s and 40s.

Hair gradually becomes thinner and less voluminous, so setting the length short will make you look more like an adult woman.

By keeping the neck area tightly packed tight, it looks more mature.

Even with a straight bob, it is easier to create a more feminine look by cutting the ends so that they are soft and rounded.

A light-toned short bob style that looks mature.

Acid straightening can straighten bleached hair.

It is recommended for people with damaged hair or bleached hair that tends to spread.

A short bob with roundness and softness.

The overall silhouette can be cleaned up by fluffing up the areas where you want to add volume.

When you are in your 50s or 60s, you tend to rely on perms, which conversely damage your hair and result in hair designs that don’t suit the times.

Even if you are in your 50s or 60s, if you can find a hairdresser who specializes in short hair, you can have a more youthful hairstyle.

The bob is popular with people in their 20s and 30s, but by creating a beautiful line at the collar, it can be a very feminine style.

The ends of the hair should be set heavier, and the haircut should be made so that it does not become dry and shiny.

How much is Japanese straightening with short hair cut?

At Baroque hair and nails, we have many customers who want to improve their frizzy, wavy, and damaged hair.

In order to create a hairstyle that suits a straight bob, it is easy to style your hair by yourself if it has shine, texture, and manageability, and it is also easy to be appreciated by others.

You can check prices at Baroque Hair and nails by clicking on the link below.


If you want a stray bob style in London, Baroque Hair, and Nails is the place to go!

Baroque hair and nails have many stylists who specialize in shortcuts to suit customers of all ages.

If you have tried a straight bob and didn’t like it, or if you feel it doesn’t suit you, please come and experience the bob cut provided by our stylists.

At Baroque Hair and nails, we provide a thorough consultation to determine your bone structure and hair quality before treatment, so that we can provide you with the hairstyle you want.

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