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Blonde hair color in Tokyo?Baroque Tokyo hair salon is specialist for any type of color design

If you are thinking about going to have color soon please come to Baroque Tokyo hair salon.

Our stylists have experienced working on foreign hair and we can create any type of color design.

Especially people who have blonde hair please be careful when you look for hair salon.

Color products are difference 

In Japan most of  brown color already added ash tint because Japanese natural hair is black and easy to become red so that the color contain ash tint to cancel it.

But if you like silver ash  blonde hair and your stylist put ash color on it?

Your hair will be dusty ash and it won’t be the result what you like.

Coloring for foreigners with Japanese product is very difficult so that you had better to work with stylist who have experience and knowledgeable about hair texture.

Blonde hair color 

There are many shades of blonde color and each person have their favorite shades.

Some of them keep blonde hair without bleach and rest are bleach.

Which type of blonde hair are you?

Even it called blonde there are many blonde color name in Japan,

  • blonde color
  • Ash blonde color
  • Gold blonde color
  • Silver ash blonde color
  • Beige blonde color
  • Pink blonde color

What type of blonde color are you looking for?

Baroque Tokyo is strong at hair color service

If you are thinking about going to have blonde color let try some thing new design.

If you have never had blond color we recommend you to have blonde balayage highlight,

Balayage highlight is something like you don’t need to bleach all of your hair so less damage and you can get contrast.

This color is super popular and good for people who like low maintenance color.

This is our recent customer.
Her color was more orangish before and this time add bleach highlight all over and lift up light blonde color.

Bleach color damage the hair but we added treatment in it and it help hair less dry and damage.

This is cream blonde and look so fabulous.

This color is more lighter than before one.

Looks more platinum blonde.

If you like this kind of bright color you need to use purple shampoo at your home.
Once you got bleach color hair become blonde.

But hair color naturally getting yellow little by little so that you need to add blue and purple tint to cancel yellow.

If you like this kind of platinum color please try to take care of your hair as well.

Best place for blonde color service in Tokyo

Baroque Tokyo

If you like to have blonde hair color please visit our salon.

Even if you are not sure what color would suit you we can suggest you the best hair color and we can give you consultation anytime so please walk in our salon.

Baroque Tokyo hair salon is one to one style so each stylist take care of customer’s hair so we are not the hair salon where stylist work only few minute and let assistant work on customer’s hair most of time.

We focus on how much we can make our customer happy and satisfied with the result.

Please try our hair service and we won’t let you down.

Baroque Tokyo is the best place for foreign hair service in Tokyo.

we look forward to seeing you soon.


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