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【2021】Looking for hair salon in Tokyo with cheap price ?

Its summer coming and if you are thinking about going to hair salon but don’t know where to go please read this article.

Its depend on what you want and there are some cheap hair salon if you like .

best cheap hair salon Tokyo top 10

1.QB House

QB house is most famous barber shop in Japan and they have branch in Singapore , Taiwan and New York now.
They basically 10min/per and good for mens hair.

If you are looking for salon something quick and cheap QB house is the one.

You can’t set up an appointment and have to wait at the shop.

Price 1000+tax
time 10 min



3Qcut are 274 branches in Japan and 1 in Taiwan.

10min hair cut for kids and mens hair .

3Qcut is same pronunciation  of Thank you cut.

Price 1000+tax
time 10 min

3.カットファクトリー(Cut factory)

cut factory is 10 min hair cut for kids, mens, and ladies.

no shampoo and styling service and just simple hair cut system .

They can do home visit to cut hair with 3000 yen.

Price 1000+tax
time 10 min

4. FaSS

FaSS hair salon is the cheapest hair salon in Japan and they do mens and ladies hair cut.

Price is cheap because they don’t shampoo your hair so that just simple cut and styling.

20min /per and if you need some styling they can curl your hair .

Price 2000+tax
time 20 min


5. Agu

Agu is one of biggest chain hair salon in Japan.

They do not only hair cut. Their service are cut ,color, perm and straightening as well.

The price is difference depend on what you need to be done.

Without shampoo would be cheaper and mens cut is a little bit higher than ladies cut.

Price 2200〜3200+tax
time 30 min

6. HEADLIGHT(Ursus hair Design)

Its similar to Agu and price is difference depend on you need shampoo or not.

If you don’t need shampoo price of hair cut is just 2500+tax so that it still cheap option.

Retouch hair color is 3000+tax  so cut and color are 5500+tax

Price 2200〜3200+tax
time 30min

7.Hair make earth

Hair make earth is most biggest chain shop in Japan.

Hair cut is 3000yen+tax and that is included quick shampoo and hair cut.

Retouch color is 3000yen+tax so that cut and color would be 6000yen+tax

Price 2200〜3200+tax
time 30 min

8. Celeste

Celeste have branches in Kanto region.

Hair cut is 3200yen and full color 3200yen. Hair color is same price even retouch or full color.

It come with blow out and shampoo too so that it still cheap option.

Price 2200〜3200+tax
time 30min


9. Ash

Ash hair salon is chain shop and price is difference depend on stylist experience .

Younger stylist are cheap and experience stylist is higher.

Price is almost same as regular hair salon in Japan.

Price 4000〜7000+tax
time 60min

10. Baroque Tokyo (English speaking/Foreigner friendly)

Baroque Tokyo
Baroque Tokyo has branch in London and they are know as most famous Japanese hair salon in London.
Baroque Tokyo was opened last May and now getting popular in Tokyo as English speaking hair salon .

There are many tourists from all over the world and they find Baroque Tokyo and get hair done everyday.

Baroque Tokyo focus on making customer super happy and make all of them at home.

All stylist have experience working oversea and know how to cut , color and straightening with any type of hair texture .

Basically they do one to one system and they don’t use assistant so that stylist spend time for each costumer and customer satisfaction is much better than other hair salon

Google review of Baroque Tokyo is 4,9 star and which is highest in Tokyo.


Hair cut 6000 and up 
Hair color 6500 and up
(cut and perm)
13200 and up
(cut and straightening )

19800 and up

Foreigner friendly International hair salon Tokyo

There are many hair salon In Tokyo area and you can find easily with cheap hair salon.

But If you visit Japan and get 10 min hair cut would make you happy?

Or just go to regular hair salon and you got langue barrier then how you can describe hair style what you like to be?

Please pick best one and hope we want you to have nice experience during Japan visit.

Japanese service is awesome and you can enjoy eating and sightseeing without language barrier.

But hair is very important things and if you like to have nice hair style and looking for foreigner friendly salon in Tokyo area please visit Baroque  Tokyo .

We can make your hair pretty nice and make your happy with big smile.

Baroque Tokyo is located near Omotesando Station.

Hair salon Harajuku



Baroque Hair salon is close to Harajuku station.

If you are staying around Harajuku you can visit our salon directly.

There are so many shop Between Harajuku and Omotesando .


Hair salon Shibuya

From Shibuya station to Omotesando Station is just 1 stop with train.

But if you have time pls try to walk from Shibuya to Omotesando would be fun.

There are many cafe and restaurants between Shibuya station and Omotesando Station and so many people are walking on the street.

Especially Hachiko where front of Shibuya station is crowded and famous spot as Shibuya crossing.

Anyway Baroque Tokyo is near Omotesando Station.

If you are around Harajuku area or Shibuya area please visit our place.

If you loose or don’t know how to go please call salon directly.

We always well come you with big smile.

Hope to see you soon.




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