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10 Mar 2021 Category - article

How to straighten fringe? This is all you have to know about fringe straightening.

I think that there are many people who suffer from the fringe who have strong habits and swells.

An especially rainy day is horrible right?

Then why don’t you try fringe straightening?

If you have habits and swells around face line fringe straightening helps you to style easily and keep the nice straight fringe the whole day.

Please read if you are thinking about going to have fringe straightening soon.

What is fringe straightening?

Fringe straightening is a hair service that straightens the habits and swells around the fringe and face line.

Finge straightening doesn’t take too much time more than whole hair so it would be good for you.

What type of customer is good for fringe straightening?

Please check the tips below

Strong habit at the fringe and face

There are many people suffer from the habit and swells around fringe area 

In that case, you have to make it straight by straightener everyday right?

Fringe straightening is more helpful for you

I want to cut off the time to use the iron from the morning

How long does it take to style your fringe?

I know it short section but how about for 1 month?

If you cut off the time for styling every morning you will use your own time more.

I keep my hair up every day, but I want to straighten my fringe

Even if you always your hair up, some of them want to keep fringe down right?

Hairstyle with fringe looks younger and cute

People who want to reduce the damage caused by ironing 

Do you use ironing every day?

Ironing damage hair a lot and your hair getting weak every day.

That’s why fringe straightening is better than using ironing every day.

Which is better straightening or smoothing?

You are not sure which one is better straightening or smoothing?

You need to know each of the features and suit your hair or not.

Features of straightening

  • 1First solution to make hair soft→Rinse out
  • 2Ironing process 
  • 3Second solution→Rinse out and styling

Straightening is good for any type of curl.

Features of smoothing

  • 1First solution to coating →Rinse out
  • 2Ironing quickly 
  • 3Rinse out→styling

Do you understand the difference between straightening and smoothing?

You can talk with your stylist which is good for your hair type.

Fringe straightening merits and demerits 


You had better know about the merits and demerits of fringe straightening.

Otherwise, the hair result is not what you expected.


  • 1 reduces the damage
  • 2 improve hair texture and shiny
  • 3 short cutf styling time

Straightening makes hair straight from the inside of hair so it keeps long and hair texture is much better.

You don’t need to straighten the whole hair so it is less damaged.


  • 1 It’s impossible to bleach on the fringe area 
  • 2 It’s risky to do it on damaged hair

Once you get straightening done before it would be difficult to use bleach or bright color.

It will damage hair a lot and hair condition will be bad.

If you already have damage you had better ask your stylist about what service is the best for your hair condition.

How often you need to do fringe straightening?

Basically, hair grows 1cm every month.

If you get straightening too much hair gets damaged easily.

It’s better to get straightening every 2 to 3 months.

How much and how long does it take for fringe straightening?

Baroque hair and nails offer fringe straightening starting from £100

Price would be different depending on the amount of fringe space.

Finge straightening takes 1 to 1 and half hours so it won’t take too much time.

Fringe straightening is good for men’s hair as well

Actually, there is many men’s customer also suffer from the habits and swell of the fringe area.

It’s ok to fringe straightening for a men’s hairstyle as well as a ladies’ hairstyle.

Some men’s customers style fringe up or down right?

In that case, if fringe is straight it would be easy to style by themselves 

We always welcome men’s customers!

Do not use box straightening from the drug store


Sometimes people use box straightening from the drug store.

But it’s risky because the chemical is used strong one and it damages hair a lot.

If you are thinking about going to use box straightening from the drug store please try not to use it.

We are sure that you will regret doing it.

If you got damaged from the fringe straightening?

Unfortunately, once you got damaged from the straightening process your hair never goes back to healthy till you cut it off.

That’s why it is important that you have to work with a good hair salon and hairdresser.

The straightening process is the most difficult hair service and hairstylists need experience and knowledge.

All our hairdressers have experienced and knowledge.

You will see if you visit our salon.

How to straighten fringe straightening?

At Baroque hair and nails, we put a lot of moistures at first to make hair condition better and then apply the first solution.

This process is very important to keep hair condition and create better results.

After rinsing out, dry hair and ironing each section.

We do the ironing process carefully and try not to do it for less damage.

Fringe straightening before and after

Please have a look above pictures.

This customer has strong habits and swells from the roots part.

Besides hair condition is not good.

But we make it super shiny and straight naturally.

We try to create natural-looking so it won’t be pin-straight.

Fringe straightening F&A

Can I get straight fringe with fringe straightening?

If you like short fringe or straight fringe, straightening is the best way to have a perfect fringe style.

I don’t like to be too flat

If you don’t like to be too flat we can skip the roots part and then the result does not become too flat.

It depends on your hair condition and your target results.

You can talk with our stylist about details.

I got fringe straightening another salon and can you fix it?

It’s depend on your hair condition. 

You had better walk-in the salon and show your hair to the stylist. 

Your stylist will suggest to you what they can do for your hair.

Can I sweep fringe to the side?

If you like to sweep fringe to the side please let your stylist know about it at first.

If you always sweep fringe same direction you need to set the roots to the sideway.

This process is also very important so if you let the stylist know before start straightening would be no problem.

Can I shampoo my hair after fringe straightening?

Right after straightening, hair is not completely set yet so try not to shampoo for 24 to 48 hours.

And it’s better to use amino acid shampoo for your hair.

Can I use ironing after fringe straightening?

Sure you can use it.

But as much as you use ironing your hair getting damaged so please use protection oil and set the temperature lower.

Best place for fringe straightening in London

Baroque hair and nails are specialists for straightening service.

We use the original chemical which is mild and make your hair condition better.

If you worry about getting straightening please walk into our salon for a consultation first.

Our experienced stylist checks your hair and suggests what is the best for your hair.



24 Feb 2021 Category - Uncategorized

LONDON BAROQUE will reopen on 12th Apr/ 4月12日営業再開予定

Thank you for using our services at BAROQUE London.

Following guidelines from the government, the temporary closure of the salon will be extended until 11th April. We are Terribly sorry for customers who have the booking with us during this extended closure period as your booking will automatically be cancelled. Although you can book your new appointment on online, please do understand that the opening date is not definite.

We are grateful for your warm messages of support you sent us since we entered the temporary closure. In this time of the great challenge, we hope all of you will stay safe as our priority is always the safety and welfare of our staff and clients.

We look forward to welcome you back to the salon soon.



いつもBaroque Londonをご利用いただき誠にありがとうございます。






BAROQUE London Team


11 Feb 2021 Category - article

【2021】All you have to know about a loose perm

Are you interested in getting a loose perm this year?

There is the various design of perm style and you need to know it fits your face and hair type.

Here is some information about a loose perm and think about what is the best way for you.

What is a loose perm?

Loose perm is one of permanent perm and set with various types of rollers.

You can desire any type of curl and your stylist pick the best size of roller for creating a nice curl for you.

Basically, the loose perm is something bigger curl and it fits with medium, long hair.

Loose perm × Shorthair

Even if you have short hair like the picture you can get a loose perm.

You can get movement and easy to style your hair with volume.

Short hair with a loose perm is fashionable and easy to maintain.

Loose perm × Bob hair


立石 雄太郎(@t_y.c.h.n)がシェアした投稿

Bob hair becomes flat easily.

That’s why perming is one of the best ways to have texture and a new look.

If you get tired been straight-looking lose perm is good for you.

Loose perm × Medium hair

If you have medium hair and considering to cut your hair short or grow it out why don’t you try a loose perm?

Medium hair is difficult to maintain and ends always flipping away right?

Then if you get a loose perm you can put cream or oil only.

If you like to have some texture loose perm is the best way.

Loose perm × Longhair

A lot of people who have long hair get a perm.

Especially loose perm is good for the first time.

Even if you tie up your hair it still ends part is curly so looks nice.

Loose perm damaged hair?

Sure all chemical processes damage hair.

But if you work with a hairdresser who has a lot of experience with perm your hair will be still healthy.

Perming service is very difficult and if you work with a less experienced hairdresser your hair will get super damage.

If you really nice curl why don’t you try an experienced hair salon or hairdresser?

Please don’t try to go cheap hair salon in this case.

How to maintain a loose perm?

Most importantly right after the perm, you don’t have to comb through your hair straight too much.

Keep your hair curl as much as possible and use your fingers instead of comb or brush.

After the perm hair gets dry so you need to take care of hair with hair oil or treatment.

For styling, it’s good for using oil, cream, or moose.

Can I shampoo right after a loose perm?

Right after the perm, your curl does not lock properly.

Please try not to wash your hair for at least 24 to 48 hours.

And when you shampooing please use an acid shampoo like a mild one.

Most shampoo at drag store is too strong for permed hair so it takes out curl so quickly.

Men/Male also better to get a loose perm

If you are men/male and get boring with straight short hair loose perm is the best option to change your looking.

Don’t worry even if you have short to long lengths you can find a suitable design.


Corey Apps(@coreyapps)がシェアした投稿

But as much as your hair length is short, curl getting small, and it will not look loose perm.

If you like a loose perm you might need enough length especially the top part.

Anyway, we highly recommend men’s perm.

How much does the cost of the loose perm?



Here is our price list.

Price would be different depending on stylist rank and perm design.

incl Cut, Shampoo, and Blowdry

3D Digital wave/Cosmetic perm Stylist £170.00
Senior Stylist £180.00
Top Stylist £190.00
Hiroki £230.00
New customer
Fringe Perming
– not inc.Cutting
from £50.00- £70.00
Spiral wave Perming Price +extra £30.00-£50.00
Spiral wave(Hard) Perming Price +extra £50.00-£100.00

How long does it last loose perm?



Loose perm last 2 to 3 month.

But it’s depending on your hair texture and the size of the curl.

As much as you get small curls last longer and big curls last shorter.

If you like to keep your curls longer we recommend using a small curl.

Specialist for a loose perm in London

If you are thinking about going to have a loose perm in London please try Baroque Tokyo.

We have a lot of experience in perming service and all our products contain moisture treatment which helps your hair less damage.

We carefully perm your hair and give you the best result.

For a consultation please feel free to contact us by message.


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