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【2020New】Best Japanese hair salon in London

Are you looking for good Japanese hair salon in London?

If so please read this article and this help you to find best one.

Before you go to Japanese hair salon there are some tips you have to know about.

Best Japanese hair salon top 10 in London

We introduce top 10 Japanese hair salon in London.

All of them are famous in London and it worth to go.

Please try it out!!

Baroque Hair & Nails

Baroque hair and nails/バロックヘア アンド ネイルズ

Address: 4 Pollen St, Mayfair, London W1S 1ND
Website: baroque-hn.com
Phone: 020 7629 3940

My Snug Room

My snug room/マイスナッグルーム

Address: 3 D’Arblay St, Soho, London W1F 8DH
Phone: 020 7291 3670


Tokito hair/トキトヘアー

Adress:6 Hackney Rd, London E2 7NS 
Phone: 020 3489 1500

J Moriyama Hair Design

J Moriyama Hair Design/モリヤマヘアデザイン

Adress:70 Queen Victoria St, London EC4N 4S
Website: jmoriyama.com
Phone:  020 7489 8559

Tomoyuki & Co

Tomoyuki & Co/トモユキ

Adress: 62 Great Titchfield St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 7QQ
Phone: 020 7580 0217

Shunji Hair & Make-up 

Shunji Hair & Make-up /シュウジヘア アンド メイクアップ

Address: 16 Drury Ln, Holborn, London WC2B 5RB
Website: shunji.london
Phone: 07565 827184



Adress: 1 Stukeley Street, Holborn, London WC2B 5LB
Website: alfiehair.com
Phone: 020 7430 1930

Shiroma hair dressing salon

Shiroma hair dressing salon/シロマヘアドレッシング

Adress: 6-7, Exchange Arcade, Broadgate, Spitalfields, London EC2M 3WA
Website: shiroma.co.uk
Phone: 020 7638 1616

Ticro Hair

Ticro Hair/チクロヘア

Adress: 67 Endell St, West End, London WC2H 9A
Phone: 020 7836 5030

Yuhei Hair Salon

Yuhei Hair Salon/ユウヘイヘアサロン

Adress: 80 Heath St, London NW3 1DN
Phone: 020 7435 1300

Where is Japanese hair salon located in London?

Japanese hair salon/日系美容室(ヘアサロン)

There are many Japanese hair salon in London.

Are you looking for Japanese hair salon near you place?

Or you like to find new Japanese hair salon in London?

Here are some place most of Japanese hair salon located.

  • Mayfair
  • Covent gardens 
  • Shoredich
  • Soho
  • Oxford 

What is the benefits of Japanese hair salon?

Japanese hair salon/日系美容室(ヘアサロン)

If you never been to Japanese hair salon pleaser note that Japanese hair salon is completely difference compare to others.

Firstly Most of Japanese hair salon focus on customer service which is trying to make customers comfortable and treat them well.

This is come from Japan culture and all Japanese know what is the Japanese service is.

Meaning of Japanese service is not only for service. It’s included “Omotenashi-Japanese hospitality”

Please get new experience with Japanese hair salon.

What hair service is popular at Japanese hair salon?

Basically Most of Japanese hair dresser experienced working in Japan and they practice all hair service during when they are work as assistant.

Besides Japanese hair dresser practice a lot even after they start work as hair stylist so that they keep improving their skill everyday.

Speaking of popular hair service Japanese hair salon , Digital perm and Japanese hair straightening service are popular.

Especially perm service need a lot of experience and knowledge of chemical .

There are many customers had bad experience with both digital perm and Japanese hair straightening service at other hair salon because they work with hair dresser who has less experience and less knowledge.

If you really want to have good quality of Perm style and Japanese hair straightening better to go Japanese hair salon.

As I mentioned that most of Japanese hair dresser practice a lot so their hair service is super quick and perfect.

You will see if you get hair service done by Japanese hair dresser.

Their color applying is super first and hair cut line is always beautiful.

How much dose a hair service cost at Japanese hair salon?

Japanese hair salon service cost&price


Do you think Japanese hair salon is pricy more than other hair salon?

Actually Japanese hair salon are reasonable and quality of hair service is the best.

It’s worth to go if you don’t want to waste of your money.

Price is depend on place and experience.

This is our salon “Baroque hair and nails price list “

Hair cut £50.00〜£120.00
Colour £60.00〜£80.00
Bleach+colour  from £200.00
Perm/cut £170.00〜£240
Straightening /cut from £280.00

Best Japanese hair salon 【Baroque hair and nails】

Baroque hair and nails /best Japanese hair salon in London

Thank you for reading and finally we introduce our salon Baroque hair and nails.

We opened 2008 at Mayfair and now there are so many customers coming to our salon.

Baroque hair and nails offer hair, nail and eyelash service.

If you are looking for Japanese hair salon in London please try our salon.

Our perm service focus on minimizing the damage so you can get nice curl and texture with less damage.

Besides our Japanese hair straightening is also make your hair super shiny and smooth with less damage so it worth to get.





4 Pollen St London W1S 1ND

English Line 020 7629 3940
Japanese Line 020 7491 2209



〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 3 Chome 5-10 2F
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前3丁目5-10 2F

English & Japanese Line 03 5411 3011