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Baroque Tokyo has been featured on Tokyo Cheapo as an English-speaking hairdresser in Tokyo

For foreigners living in Japan, many of you are probably familiar with the media outlet Tokyo Cheapo.

It is a media outlet that provides useful information for foreigners living in Japan and those who come to visit Japan.

We are honored that Baroque Tokyo has been featured in the Tokyo Cheapo.

Tokyo Cheapo

English speaking hairdresser in Tokyo

Looking for English speaking hairdresser in Tokyo is not easy

There are many international hair salons in Tokyo.

Foreigners living in Japan will be able to find them easily online.

However, in many cases, even after searching and visiting a hair salon, they are not satisfied with the results.

There are two reasons for this.

The first is that there are few hairstylists who can speak English fluently even though they are international hair salons.

Foreign customers visiting international hair salons want to have a thorough consultation when they ask for a hairstyle.

But even if you give them the details of what you want, the stylists often can’t understand them.

To create a hairstyle, good communication is important.

A hairstylist who can’t do a good job of consultation can’t make a customer happy.


There are many hairstylists who have no experience working as a stylist abroad.

There are many hairstylists who have worked as assistants overseas for training and then returned to Japan to become stylists.

However, foreign customers are different from Japanese, and each of them has different hair color, hair texture, and structure.

You can get a beautiful hairstyle by asking a hairstylist who has a lot of experience.

Tokyo Cheapo is a useful website for foreigners

At Tokyo Cheapo, you can get a variety of information.

You can learn about living, playing, restaurants, and much more.

We are very happy that Baroque Tokyo is included in such a website.

For a foreigner, it is very difficult to find a suitable hair salon in an unfamiliar place.

Baroque Tokyo is a hair salon that can make such people happy.

Why is an English-speaking hairdresser recommended for you?

There are many foreigners living in Japan who are fluent in Japanese.

Many of these people go to local Japanese hair salons.

In many cases, only haircuts are okay, but services such as color, perms, and hair straightening are likely to be botched.

Local Japanese hairstylists know the tastes and trends of the Japanese.

However, they are not familiar with the hairstyle preferences and hair texture of foreigners.

That’s why we recommend a hairdresser who knows the hair texture of foreigners and has a lot of experience.

Baroque Tokyo is the best hair salon for you

Baroque Tokyo

















If you live in Tokyo, please visit our hair salon.

We will provide you with a comfortable space and the best techniques.

We treat each customer with the utmost care.

We are sure we can provide you with a salon experience that will satisfy you.

We look forward to seeing you at our salon.









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