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Hair salons in Tokyo with hairdressers who speak fluent English.

Some foreign travelers or foreigners working in Tokyo are

  • I wonder if there is a hairdresser who understands my hair quality
  • Japanese hairdressers who are good at coloring hair
  • Hairdressers who can do the kind of haircuts that foreigners like

It would be great if there is a hairdresser who understands foreigners’ hair quality and trends, etc.

For those people, I would like to introduce you to Baroque Tokyo.

Why we are good at foreign hair

Baroque Tokyo has a head office in London.

So Japanese hairdressers who originally worked in London have returned to Japan and are very familiar with foreigners’ hair.

There are also hairdressers with extensive experience abroad who join Baroque Tokyo because they want to work there.

The presence of hairdressers with extensive experience abroad makes foreign customers very happy, as they understand the tastes and hair textures of the foreign customers they have worked with in different countries, as well as the trends.

What is our level of English?

For foreign customers, it is very important to know how well they speak English.

We have worked as hairdressers abroad for a long time and can speak fluently in conversation and hair counseling.

What hair services are popular?

A popular hair service for foreign clients, balayage is a blonde color.

Many customers also want beautifully straight hair, and hair straightening is also popular.

Perm styles are very popular with foreign customers of Asian descent, and many of them want larger curls.

How much do foreign hair services cost?

At Baroque Tokyo, prices are the same for foreigners and Japanese.

Prices can be found on the Baroque Tokyo price page, so please refer to it.

Prices vary depending on the stylist’s level.

How do I make a booking?

Thankfully, we are full of customers booking appointments every day.

We also take bookings by phone and online, but in some cases, we are unable to answer the phone.

In these cases, we would be happy to hear from you online or by email.

Hair salons in Tokyo with hairdressers who speak fluent English.

Baroque Tokyo is located in Omotesando, the fashionable heart of Tokyo.

It is about a four-minute walk from the station.

It is a very busy area with many foreign tourists.

Fashionable people walk along the streets and there are many fashionable grocery shops and cafés.

Please take this opportunity to visit Baroque Tokyo.



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