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Tokyo’s popular hair salon specializing in foreign hair color

Embrace a world of vibrant hues and transformative hair color artistry at BAROQUE TOKYO, the ultimate hair color destination for foreigners in Tokyo.

Unveiling the Essence of BAROQUE TOKYO


A Haven for Foreign Hair

 Our team of experienced stylists, well-versed in international hair textures and trends, is passionate about crafting hair color masterpieces that complement your unique features.

Color Virtuosos

Our stylists possess a deep understanding of color theory and advanced coloring techniques, ensuring that your desired shade is achieved with precision and artistry.

Personalized Color Consultations

 We take the time to understand your hair goals, lifestyle, and preferences, tailoring each color service to your individual needs.

Damage-Minimizing Approach

We prioritize the health of your hair, utilizing gentle products and techniques to minimize damage and preserve its natural beauty.

Trendsetting Color Creations

We stay at the forefront of hair color trends, incorporating the latest techniques and hues to create head-turning, fashion-forward looks.

Step into BAROQUE TOKYO and embark on a hair color transformation journey that will leave you with radiant, envy-worthy locks that reflect your individuality and style.

BAROQUE TOKYO: Where Hair Color Dreams Come True


Extensive Color Portfolio

Our extensive color portfolio showcases our versatility and ability to create a diverse range of hair color masterpieces, from natural-looking balayage and ombre to vibrant fashion colors and creative color combinations.

Cutting-Edge Color Techniques

We employ advanced coloring techniques, such as multi-dimensional coloring, foiling, and highlighting, to achieve intricate and dimensional results that add depth and dimension to your hair.

Premium Hair Color Products

We utilize top-of-the-line hair colorants renowned for their vibrant color payoff, long-lasting results, and gentle formulation.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

We strive to exceed your expectations, offering touch-ups and adjustments to refine the color, providing personalized styling tips, and maintaining open communication channels to address any concerns.

Your Gateway to Hair Color Excellence

Modern and Inviting Salon Environment

Our sleek, modern salon exudes a welcoming atmosphere, putting you at ease and allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the hair color experience.

Expert Hair Care Advice

Our stylists are not just color experts; they are also hair care aficionados, providing personalized advice on hair care products and routines to maintain your color’s vibrancy and overall hair health.

Convenient Location in Omotesando

Situated in the heart of Tokyo’s vibrant Omotesando district, our salon is easily accessible by public transportation.

Your Hair Color Transformation Awaits

Contact us today to schedule your consultation and experience the transformative power of BAROQUE TOKYO’s hair color artistry.



4 Pollen St London W1S 1ND

English Line 020 7629 3940
Japanese Line 020 7491 2209

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〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 3 Chome 5-10 2F
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前3丁目5-10 2F

English & Japanese Line 03 5411 3011

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