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Best English speaking hair salon in Tokyo with hight quality of service 

Recently so many foreigners visiting and living in Japan.

Especially Tokyo area if you see the people who walking outside and working at the restaurant getting change into more non Japanese.

Seems like Tokyo was more getting international town since a few years ago.

According to information of government,Japanese TV show,Online Media said that one of foreigner’s purpose of their visit Japan is getting hair service.

Compare to other countries Japanese hair service is much better than other so that so many travelers are hoping to visit Japan spot and having beauty experience recently.

If you thinking about going to have hair service, which hair salon is the best to go?

There are so many hair salons in Japan and it makes you too much time to find a good hair salon.

Baroque Tokyo was published in a Tokyo Cheapo

Here is our information.

Reason why we have a lot of foreigner coming to get hair done by us is that we are specialist for hair service for foreigner.

In addition we have a hair salon in London and Tokyo and people believe our service quality is better than other salon.

This is why our service is different to other is we have the original technique and product and offer best of service depending on each customers lifestyle, hair texture and make up as well.

Hair Cut

Baroque TokyoWe will promise you a satisfying experience so spending time for consultation properly is the most important things to make good result and customers satisfaction.

Each people have different taste and choice. Some time people bring a picture from the magazine or SNS.

Making the same hair style as the picture is not our goal.

We will approach the best hair style for you from a different direction to make you awesome looking.

In addition our service is included Japanese head massage shampoo which is making you feels relaxed.

Most of our customers are fall in sleep by our shampoo service.

Hair Color

If you are thinking about going to have color service why don’t you come our salon?

Our stylist has had experience working in London and Japan so knows how to work on different of hair texture.

Color will come out differently even if we use the same hair color due to hair texture and nationality.

We create so many hair design with different nationality and hair texture.Our stylist will give you the best of color ever.

During the color service we carefully check your hair condition.

We focus on how much we can make the customer comfortable like a home.

Even you are awaiting processing time we will chat with you about Japanese culture and spot.

Besides we will teach you how to style your hair and maintenance to keep your hair color nicely.


Most difficult hair service is straightening perm.

Especially products in Japan are too mild for foreign hair so sometime it doesn’t work nicely .

But reason why we are called the best international hair salon is that we develop own product for straightening service which is working on any type of hair texture with less damage.

Most of Japanese straightening product is so strong and hair damaged a lot.

But our product is mild and care of hair damage so that you can have nice shiny hair looking with good hair condition.

During the process we check the hair condition carefully and proceed each step as taking care of the customer.

Especially ironing process is a little bit long but we have a lot of experience with it and does it smoothly and quickly.

After the whole process your hair will be amazingly soft and shiny.

Once again we are specialist for foreign hair so you will be satisfied with our hair service.


Baroque Tokyo is located in Omotesando where is a one of the most pleasant neighborhoods in Tokyo. As a major luxury shopping destination.

You can visit our salon from Omotesando station by 5min walk.

From Harajuku station 10 min.

We hope our hair service is one of your memories of your Japan trip.



4 Pollen St London W1S 1ND

English Line 020 7629 3940
Japanese Line 020 7491 2209



〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 3 Chome 5-10 2F
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前3丁目5-10 2F

English & Japanese Line 03 5411 3011